Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Happy Mother’s Day – 9 May 2010

I felt truly blessed with 2 boxes of cake from church even though I could not eat it. I thank the little boy who asked me if I was a retired teacher! I told my relatives at a little tea party yesterday that I don’t feel that I miss out on anything (not eating the cake) because my eyes are feasting the food and I am actually quite happy as though I am eating the food. It is hard to express myself. Then Aunty Kiki said it correctly “You don’t feel you miss out on anything because when you see your kids enjoy the food, you feel happy because they are happy too. This is because they are an extension of you.” Wisely said!

I made curry fish with vege for the party and I reckoned that the only thing I could not eat in the curry was the coconut milk and the fish. But Aunty Kiki said that coconut should only be avoided if I have heart problem. So, that made me brave to scoop up some vege and gravy to eat. Little Ethan enjoyed the curry too even though I thought I had put in too much tamarind juice! It was also lapped up at the party and that made my day as well. :)

I thought what Marvin said in his sermon about husbands helping their wives become the perfect bride for Christ was a wonderful message. I think husbands as leader of the family should lead their family to spiritual truth. That means whatever the wife questions (ahem), the husband should diligently seek out the answers before there are too many unanswered questions that lead to unbelief and eventually spiritual death. And our family influences other families and very soon the entire church is lukewarm and spiritually dead. Hmmmm, I wonder what message Marvin has in store for the wives on Father’s day. ;)

Lunch was at the Apartment and I was wonderfully blessed with a free meal (pan fried dory with lentils) though I could not eat it and offered it to Henry instead. Still, it was a good discount off the entire meal! I had 3 dips comprising of chick peas, aubergine and roasted capsicums instead (oh yes, i stole some of Henry's lentils too). Then, at the newly launched MPH for Gal readers, the lady from the counter came up and asked me whether I would like a free shoulder massage. It was a professional massage by a “specialist” using pure essential oils by Jurlique.

What a delightful massage. What a wonderful day!

A blessed Mother’s Day to you and may our good Lord bless you richly and abundantly too.

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