Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bali Hai - Part 1 (Trisna, Kintamani, Rice terrace)

Nic enjoying a cuppa coffee (all sorts ginseng, cinammon etc) all provided free by this wonderful agrotourism outlet called Trisna Bali at Bangli on the way to Kintamani. They sell luwak coffee which is civet poo with coffee beans embedded in it for about USD1,000 for a pound of coffee or USD5 for a cup here. They even sell vanilla pods (Rp60,000 for 6-8 pods)and saffron (Rp120,000 for a 2"x2" packet) here too (I should think cheaper than London?).
Ethan loves Uncle Ucok. He was our guide the whole time we were there and became part of our family. Even thought us Bahasa Indonesia vs Bahasa Malaysia. You can see he adores children and "cewet" too. :) For Rp 350,000 a day he will take you for a tour of Bali in a big MPV. Mobile phone +6285935064277
Nic's version of malay headgear from a napkin at Kintamani. Very cool and windy with breathtaking views.
At a rice terrace. This man sells grass hats. Henry says the thing he is carrying is very heavy but the pakcik made it look so easy.
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