Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Devouring Spirit

Over the past years, I’ve observed Henry in job applications. Being in a senior position, it is not always easy for him to get a job and even when he does get an interview, there will be many parts to the interview from personality tests, presentations, interviews at various levels to even a social night to observe how he socializes. I call them “beauty pageants”. Thank God Henry is gifted with an outgoing personality which make these interviews less grueling and stressful for him. So, I was truly amazed how in his latest job application, the job was offered to him with such ease (sorry, can’t give details) that I can only say it was God’s favor upon him. Also, I finally understood why God gave me such strong impression that I could do away with Tarceva. There were talks whether there would be continuity of insurance coverage for me if Henry were to change jobs. But suddenly, it did not matter anymore. To me, if there were no coverage it would be another confirmation from God that it is time to stop taking Tarceva and if there is coverage then God is still overseeing everything and it is just His timing when. Without this strong impression, there would be much discussion between Henry and I whether he should leave his job. I praise God and thank Him for this peace in my heart.

Yet, although he had been offered the job verbally, the letter of offer had not come in yet. Moreover, I had an impression of a devouring spirit that something ominous would happen. The next day in the weekend papers, I saw a picture of a worm devouring an apple! Oh no! It’s like a confirmation of the impression I received.

Still, I’ve been taught in Deeper Life Seminar not to share any negative impression with anyone and (definitely in this case, not with Henry) but to bind and break it in Jesus’ name so that even though bad things may happen, it will not turn out so bad. I did ask Henry whether a worm in an apple could mean anything good, after all, it appeared in the kids’ education section of the newspaper! He said “Of course it can’t be anything good”. I was quite sad but I kept it to myself and kept binding and breaking. I knew that God had already given him the job but the devil was out to destroy this opportunity in any way it could.

Several weeks later we found out that the delay was because two terms were accidentally left out of the letter of offer and the whole process of approval had to take place all over again! By that time, we were about to leave for Bali and there was still no sign of the letter of offer.

Interestingly, when I received news of the reason of delay, I knew the ordeal was over. There was peace in my heart that that was the worm, the devouring spirit that failed bound and broken, all praise to God! Just the Monday before we flew to Bali, the letter of offer finally arrived! Praise the Lord! I then shared with Henry of all that had happened! Hallelujah. Praise the Lord! I just want to thank Father God for his favor upon Henry to begin a new phase of his life in this new job. It’s a fruit company. You gotta ask Henry which company. :)

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