Monday, June 21, 2010

Update- After Bali

As soon as the kids were with Henry’s mum, I took the opportunity to exercise again. The first thing that greeted me was a big smiley – in the sky! 2 eyes, a triangle nose and a broad smile. I couldn’t help smiling myself for it was like God welcoming me home, welcoming me back from Bali, welcoming me back to exercise, welcoming me back to morning devotions with Him. It’s so wonderful to have God as our Abba Father who takes interest in all the things we do and speaks from heaven too!

I felt well and strong even after the Bali trip. My sister tells me this is a big difference from my Singapore holiday last December when I came down with sniffles from too much air cond and lack of fresh air. My sister observed that my immune system is much stronger these days.
Having said that, last Saturday night I had a block nose, could not breath and had to sleep upright. (I think I got too carried away and wore shorts in a shopping complex and got a chill after that. I remember much earlier in this journey, it was long sleeves and pants for me and a shawl too!) Anyway, before hitting the sack, I dabbed some eucalyptus oil on my clothes, rubbed some Vicks on my chest and nose, took some flu pill, prayed and went to bed. Little Ethan was observing. The next morning, Ethan asked “Mummy are you better?”. I told him one side of the nose was still blocked so we prayed together as he laid his hand on me. Within moments, my nose cleared, all praise to God and Ethan and I thanked Jesus together! All glory to God! Then, Ethan told me “Mummy, you must take your nutrients ok?”. Sweet little peanut.

Elaine gave me good news as soon as I returned from Bali – that I successfully graduated from Deeper Life Seminar 3! I had missed the miracle rally on 12 June, graduation on 16 June and 2 other classes so I was praying that they would still look upon me favourably and graduate me. The benefit is that the next round I get to attend DLS all over again for only RM60 and attend any of its classes from DLS1, DLS2 and DLS3 as an alumni member during the 8 weeks course. I do enjoy DLS because it is scripture based, I feel the presence of God when I am there and am motivated to read more when I return. Also, their classes are never structured but are guided by the holy spirit. And it was moments like this that some of my burning questions got answered even though I did not directly ask the pastors e.g. finding scripture for my mum to tell her that she IS already saved, scripture for speaking in tongues, heaven etc. So, if you try to follow the index provided down to the very detail, you will be utterly disappointed. I never refer to the materials they provide during class because although the gist is there with bible verses, the lectures do not follow the same flow.

My next appointment at the hospital is 5 July 2010. Come 30 June 2010 would be exactly a year since I was diagnosed. Dr Peter commented to Henry that if my cost of Tarceva hits RM100,000 the drug company would sponsor me for life because I would be a walking miracle and they would have made their profits from me. I am really thankful for this piece of news, not about the sponsorship but that even the drug company reckons it is a miracle to take tarceva beyond RM100,000 worth of it. It’s interesting because coincidentally my brother in law also asked me the total cost of medication to date. We’ve not calculated it before because so far, it has been covered by insurance. The tarceva drug cost RM8,500 per month so it would have cost us RM102,000 by now. Still, Dr Peter Ng told us to confirm this life sponsorship with Dr Foo. Of course, we knew it was a miracle from the FIRST tarceva tablet that took all my aches and pains away!

As I told Fee that the side effects were manageable, she slapped me on the arm and said “Hello, it is more than manageable!”. It is true and it is amazing how God has brought me through all this with minimal side effects and with maximum results! All glory to our living God, Jesus Christ who loves us very much! Amen!

Psalm 121:7

The LORD will keep you from all harm—
he will watch over your life;

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