Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bali Hai - Part 3 (Batuan art gallery)

What do kids get to do in Bali - look at chickens, play sand, roast and pound coffee, drink coffee, fish, buy dvds, watch tv in the hotel, play in the bath tub, swim, enjoy the cool weather, meet the locals, make fun of paintings. Ethan and Nic did not fancy art galleries but I love them.
See how bored Ethan is at the art gallery - ha ha. Poor little thing - waiting patiently for mummy!
Nic spreads himself on the floor - feeling tired and hot. He needed a cool floor. The next day while doing devoition I stumbled upon this verse which reminded me of Nic in this photo. :) Psalm 143:6 "I spread out my hands to you; my soul thirst for you like a parched land. Answer me quickly O Lord my spirit faints with longing"
I could spend a long time here! Medium to big art pieces the ones that I liked ranged from RM200 to RM700 only and they are totally hand oil painted here at 1 Wayan Mardiana at Batuan area. I would definitely come back to Batuan area and explore other art galleries. Ucok warned us to be wary of paintings elsewhere even in Ubud as some are copies, some don't use oil paint.
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