Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bali Hai - Part 10 (Praise God! Praise God!)

KLIA indoor aviary
Full inflight entertaiment system - blessed Nic. Wolf toy compliment from toyshop.
Nyoman restaurant at Tonjong Benoa. Good cafe for both local and English food. Nic had his pizza and Henry had bebek (duck)
Sun tanning at Geger Beach fully clothed :)
All in all it was a very enjoyable holiday for us. All praise to God. From the start of the journey, we could already sense God's hand upon us. We were suppose to fly in a Boeing 737 to Denpasar but all passengers were directed to an airbus instead! Nic and Ethan experienced a full inflight entertainment which was meant for longer flights. They even had Haagen Daz ice cream. Unfortunately, both boys did not fancy chocolates, so out went the Ferrero Roche chocs. As we arrived at the Ramayana Hotel, Kuta, we were immediately upgraded to a villa with a pool view for no reason! That was just great as I did not have to pack their swimming stuff to the pool. We just had to open the door to enjoy the pool. It's a cosy hotel. It looks small from the front but it spreads far and wide inside with lots of balinese landscaping and architecture. We lost our room key the first night but these days I know that God is with us though bad things may befall us. Just 2 days before we left Bali the key surfaced in our bag which we had checked thoroughly earlier. It was as if an angel had put it back in there! It saved us USD 20 if we had lost the key. Praise to God for the great weather, hot and cool, the wonderful sights that Ucok brought us to, all unplanned. Thank you Lord for a wonderful driver who is so friendly and wise. Thank you for providing us with such wonderful experiences. Thank you Lord for everything! Nic said he enjoyed everything. :) Praise the Lord!
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