Thursday, June 3, 2010

Tabernacle Bible Study for Kids

It’s been an educating morning for me as I prepared the tabernacle study materials for the kids for tonight. It was a suggestion by Leong Tien Fook that it would be a great help for the children to understand why Jesus had to come as our savior. He said he has taught his children before although he was not sure how much sank in but he believes it will play a big part in their lives if they understand it.

If you would like to teach your kids regarding the tabernacle, you could try the following links. They have good visuals which you can print out to help in your illustrations.

The above link tells you what each item in the tabernacle signify and how it is linked to Jesus today. Only today did I find out that the veil that tore in half from top to bottom when Jesus died was 60 feet high, 30 feet wide and 4 INCHES THICK to show that only God could have done it because they could not have reached it and it is so thick!

Then, there's the 3D walk thru of the tabernacle which you can use to tell your story if you have a notebook with you and wifi:

The following links have activity sheets for the kids e.g. crossword puzzles, colouring sheets, joining dots etc:

I thought it would be fun for the kids to role play as the sinner coming to offer sacrifice, the priest, high priest, (hmmmm maybe) curtain holders and bull sacrifice with reigns! Let’s see how it goes tonight.

It was Ps Joseph Prince that helped explained the transference of sin in the sacrifices that inspired me to find out more about the Jewish custom and when Leong Tien Fook offered a study on Hebrews I just grabbed the opportunity. For a sin offering, a person had to bring an animal — a male one without blemish or defect from the flock or herd — to the priest at the tabernacle gate (Leviticus 1:4).

By laying his hand upon the head of the animal offering, the person was identifying with the sacrifice. His sin and guilt was being moved from himself to the animal. The priest would then slaughter the animal, sprinkle its blood in front of the veil of the Holy Place, burn the sacrifice, and pour the rest of it at the bottom of the altar.

What God sees is the sacrifice and not the sinner anymore because it has been transferred to the animal who took our place.

Today there is no longer any need for animal offering and sacrifices as Jesus, the ever living God, the High Priest who offered himself as the perfect lamb sacrifice for us once and for all and He says “It is finished”. It is acceptable to God and God remembers our sins no more. We just need to be thankful and believe that God sent his son Jesus Christ to save us so that everything is alright between us and God now, that we have “right being” and not “right doing”.

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