Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sungkai hols - Receive God's love (Part 7)

One of the "must do"s at the Felda Residence Hotsprings at Sungkai is boiling eggs.

Science project for the kids. 6 mins to boil an egg. We brought our own kampong eggs, amino soy sauce, bowls and wired scoops!
Felda Residence Hotsprings at Sungkai is even before Bidor. However, we ventured to Bidor's Pun Chun to savor their "ngap tooi meen". No ducks for me for now. Sungkai is between Slim River and Bidor and is about an hour and a half distance from KL. However, since we were at Bidor, we hit the plus highway again and turned off to Sungkai. You could also take the old trunk road south to Sungkai from Bidor and save yourself a toll of RM2.10.
The hotspring gets pretty crowded during the weekends. We observed people going into the water fully clothed but that is quite a common sight in Malaysia. We observed a kid with his pampers on. The water at "Refreshing Hotsprings Resort" at Kg Gumut is definitly cleaner since it is newly opened with absolutely no crowd and moreover, it is not opened to the public.
Felda Residence's cold pool is equipped with slides but you will have to watch out for people pushing rather than to take their turns. Little Steffi came out with bleeding toes and wanted to lodge a complaint. I think all the kids enjoyed themselves because they were doing things together - eating and playing and sleeping together. They brought their own sleeping bags. Little Ethan could not decide where he wanted to sleep but he finally did, he fell asleep very fast!
Oh, they even sell ice creams, burgers, floats, tshirts by the olympic sized cold pool. My favourite was the "warm springs", not too hot and can soak in it water for a longer time. The crowd was smaller here too. Thank God! Next favourite was the therapeutic park where hot water runs over the reflexology stones. It was mighty hot and painful at first but I got used to it in the end.
Room prices shoot up from RM170 to RM220 nett over the weekends. Over and above this price, you have to pay RM30 per child (over 5 years old) which will cover breakfast and entrance to the hotspring park. RM220 nett covers the cost of the room, and breakfast for 2 adults. They have an addional foldable mattress in the cupboard which you can pull out to use but you will have to pay RM45 for an additional adult.
Besides enjoying the hotsprings, I was glad that we could gather together for praise night and for men and women's devotion. It was my first time sharing devotion with a group of women for about 3 hours. I think it was too long but time sure passed so fast and soon the men were yelling at us to hurry up because breakfast was going to end in 30 mins' time!
I loved sharing rooms with two other families and it was more fun because both our rooms were adjoined as well. All the kids were running in between the rooms enjoying the space.
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