Thursday, November 25, 2010

Vacation Bible School (VBS) 2010 Saddle Ridge Ranch YouTube

Nicholas told us last night that he was so sad that VBS is coming to an end! He was also feeling sad that Ethan had decided not to attend VBS when I felt unwell on Thursday. He was persuading his little brother to join him. I can imagine Ethan saying "No mummy, no VBS".

This is the second time that Nic has attended VBS and every time he goes, he experiences a growth spurt. Last year, he accepted Christ after VBS and he started sharing Jesus with his ah ma and friends. He really has a heart for those who have yet to know Jesus.

This year I helped out at the Blazing Star Stables and got to observe Nic when he came over for craft. I was shocked when after class he volunteered to hold the signboard "Arrowhead Coyotes" and led his class back to their bible bunkhouse. I quickly sent a picture of Nic to Henry and he too was very surprised and proud. :)

While I was driving the children back home, Gwen, Nic's cousin commented, "Nic, you are so er...powerful (hands flying here and there trying to find the right description) You mean "So energetic?" I said. Gwen explained that Nic used to be so shy and she plays with him everyday and they go to the same school together. This was a sudden change in Nic.

I told Gwen of Nic's secret. I told her I would get Nic to say "I am bold as a lion" three times whenever he says he is shy because as a Jesus boy, he agrees with what Jesus says of him and what the bible says about him. Nic quickly retorted, "Aiyo, I am bold now lah" meaning he did not have to say those lines anymore!

VBS 2010 has this wonderful song "I am who He says I am". How wonderful for those who believe his words and what marvelous transformation we can see when we are touched by God's words.

It is also one of Ethan's favorite songs which he danced to last night following YouTube. It is amazing that the children all over the world are using the same dance steps! :) thanks to Lifeway.

Who He Says I Am, VBS 2010

I was feeling feverish the past two days and last night my fever broke while I was dancing to the Saddle Ridge Theme song with Ethan while watching YouTube. Praise the Lord! God really inhabits the praises of His people and where God's presence is, even fever has to go!

Saddle Ridge Ranch VBS 2010 Theme Song [Music Video]

This song is Nic's favorite:
Saddle Ridge Ranch VBS 2010 Tumbleweed [music video]:


Even though I could not finish my task in serving in VBS 2010, I am touched that I have been given this opportunity to reach out to the children and to share Jesus with them. It occurred to me that we can do the same while on mission trips - telling them about Jesus Jesus during arts and craft time.

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