Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Update: x Ray results of 2.11.2010

The x ray today was compared to an old x ray about six months ago and it showed there was some denser mass in my lung but this despite the last ct scan taken two months ago which shows that the majority of the nodules have reduced. So, Dr Foo was again not alarmed but such results shows I would need to go for another check again in six month's time. This is the third time this has happened to me, being alerted with some new nodule appearing only to find out it wasn't there in the next check up.

So, Henry and I have rejected today's results and even Dr Foo's eyes was rolling when she saws the results. After all, ct scan results are more accurate as confirmed by Dr May Fong. thanks for your encouragement May Fong.

Today I was blessed with being able to have a bed right next to Lai Ping. She scheduled her zumeta bone treatment on the same day as mine so we kept each other company. Even our husbands got to meet each other for the first time! LP was complaining about ache on her Back and Dr Foo asked here to do a bone x ray. I really pray God will give her a discerning spirit to know when it is an attack from the devil. I told her I don't tell the doctor everything. I have gone through pain, diarheao, acne, hair loss but I have not gotten any medication from the doctor. Each time, I just bind and break whatever that attacks me and it just stops! I do take some kind of medication like charcoal pills, deep heat rub, aloe Vera whatever the holy spirit gives me an idea and say a prayer before taking it so thtat it is God that works through the natural. After all, we have a supernatural God and He will supernaturally provide for our needs.

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