Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Night Ethan Prayed

Yesterday, I stepped up again to give glory to God at the Elpizo Christmas Thanksgiving party. I was shaking all over because i was the last to share and the nerves had built up so much. But I praise God that I stood on His word that I am bold as a lion and came forward to thank God for what He had done for me and for the first time sang in public the song I wrote to God, 'No Fear'.  I was really having second doubts about sharing but in Sheryl Lim's opening line she mentioned 'Do not fear' and she has never worded like this before so I knew it must be a confirmation from God that He was encouraging me to do it.

In the car heading for Elpizo, I shared with this lady who is still trying to overcome her anxieties which causes her insomnia. I was encouraging her not to give up praying to God and soaking in His word because all it takes is one little miracle that will just push her faith higher in God. A miracle is an answered prayer, big or small. She was complaining she had little faith but all we need is a faith the size of a mustard seed to move the mountain. I shared with her how just the night before, I was in so much pain because over and above the nerve pain that hit me once again, I was still coughing and my chest felt like it was aching all over. I thought hard about what happened and I think it was because of my fears of losing muscles, I did some weight lifting. Even though the dumb bells were the smallest in the market, it was enough to make the muscles around my chest to ache. Add that to nerve pain and cough, it felt like death had taken hold of me. Henry was away in Singapore and the boys were taking their time to fall asleep. It was agony with every movement they made in bed. I started to cry but the kids did not see me. For the first time in one and a half years I actually cried out "God, let me see them again!". I told the boys "Mummy is in a lot of pain" and I rubbed my back to show them where. Then, Ethan put his hand on my back and prayed "Father God, please heal mummy and take her cough away. In Jesus' name. Amen". I almost flinched him away because of the pain until I heard "Amen" and then I realized he had his hand on my back praying for me. So this mummy made him pray all over again just so I could hear what he said! I was so touched! Finally, they fell asleep and I crept downstairs to wail, cry and groan to Father God to take away the pain and I started reading psalms. I found this verse which I memorized it , switched off the lights and went upstairs to recite it over and over again.

Psalm 63:6-8
 When, on my bed, I think of You, 
 I meditate on You during the night watches 

 because You are my help; 
 I will rejoice in the shadow of Your wings. 

 I follow close to You;
 Your right hand holds on to me. 

I suddenly had an idea to use an anion strip from "love moon" sanitary napkin and plastered it on the part that was causing me so much pain. I was wearing negative ion clothing for the whole day but it did not do much to relieve the pain. But when I did what the holy spirit prompted me to do (to plaster on the anion strip), the pain started to subside as I meditated on His word. It is a miracle! I was so grateful to God, I started praising Him and reciting the psalm until I finally slept.

I shared all this with the lady and for the first time, she was actually touched, warmed and encouraged by my sharing. She had not told me immediately but she smsed me later and I was wondering what I had said to her. I really want to praise God for all he is doing in my life and how he is using me to reach out to the people around me. How awesome was the Holy Spirit in the car, at Elpizo and even at my home during that painful night! Praise God! Praise God! Praise God for all His wonderful acts! It can only be God. All glory to Him!

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