Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Update - Musical Cough

Update - Musical cough

Woke up this morning and coughed. Nic heard me and said innocently "Oh mummy, that's nice music, like a dance" denoting that the cough had a rhythm to it. I said smilingly "You mean like a musical cough". Thank you Lord for humor so early in the morning!

I ate a wee bit of roasted free ranged chicken and started coughing so badly after dinner last night. Tsk tsk i never seem to learn that chicken makes my throat itchy most times. Thank God it subsided after awhile. My mum advised me to just let one Noco and one Act pill (from E Excel) melt in my mouth and just let the herbs trickle down my throat. I have been doing that close to three weeks now and I must say the coughing is getting lesser, well except for last night. However, it causes me to cough up quite a bit of phlegm. Today, has been a rather quiet day (very little coughing) maybe because I am at total rest. Praise the Lord!

I am actually feeling good and stronger today. Praise the Lord! Oh I pray I won't go and do or eat something silly. Mummy advised me to keep track and observe what I eat and do so as to learn from my mistakes. What works for me:

Wrap a scarf round the neck
Keeping warm at the joints with negative ion clothing
Gargle with salt water when throat is too itchy
E excel nutrition
Lots of lemon Grass water
Burdock soup

I actually laid off juicing for a month because I thought maybe the fruits were getting to me. But I have decided to put it back in my diet again because the vegetable juicing is very beneficial for me as it goes straight into my body system to nourish me.

Another thing to watch out for is "my response" at office when i start work soon, since anything that excites me causes me to cough. I am relying heavily on the holy spirit to guide me. This morning, even as I prayed for God to help me in my response to my children's wild behavior, I asked Him to teach me to be patient and to teach with grace. I asked God to let me see their weaknesses from His eyes so that I may discipline them out of love and not out of frantic chaos. And just as I prayed that prayer, Sue Shiew sent out an email to all Sunday School teachers on basic steps to minister to children. How cool is my Father in Heaven?! Always listening and wanting us to grow. I could cry. Thank you Sue. Thank you Father God, you are indeed and rock and my deliverer.

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