Monday, December 13, 2010

Praying for my church

Jeremiah 29:7
And seek the peace of the city where I have caused you to be carried away captives, and pray to the LORD for it: for in the peace thereof shall you have peace.

I felt so anguished and sad for my church during the EGM yesterday. There is so much hurt that I could only pray in tongues for I just did not know what else to do. I got up wee hours in the morning to cry out to God and wrote it down so I could verbalise the groanings of my heart to pray for those who have been hurt in our church and pulling the entire church away from reaching its full potential. God says we are to pray for "Babylon" for in their peace, their healing and their wholeness - lies our peace as well.

Father God help us not be trapped O Lord, help us not be trapped, show us O Lord show us how to lead our daily lives under the power of your Spirit. Do not allow us to look inwardly but look outwardly to help others in the same way You loved us. You brought us out of darkness, help us to help others come out of darkness too. Break the pride within us O Lord, open our eyes to reject strife amongst us. 

Help us to discuss everything in love. Help us not use law but to show grace instead to solve issues between us for we return under the curse if we come back under the law. Let us instead believe what you say about us, let your word be a mirror to us and to allow the holy spirit to work in areas of our lives that need healing. For healing is for today. We can overcome issues of life for today for you have given us the Counselor, the Holy Spirit when Jesus left us. And this Spirit is the same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead. That same power. 

Help us Holy Spirit! You say out of our bellies flow springs of living water. Help us yield to your Spirit and humble ourselves to You O Lord and to every word You say about us so that we can open our eyes to walk in the way You want us to. 

Open our eyes to know that where there is discord and strife, there lies every evil spirit and that is every sort of evil that we can imagine. Help us to know how much more we open ourselves to more attacks from the evil one when we fail to cast out strife and continue to feed on how we feel instead. 

O God, You say You are greater than our feelings. You are greater than our pride, our ego, our pain, our misery, our rejections, our hurts. You see and know all of that. You said that you bore all of that, that came along with our fallenness, on your body on the cross 2000 years ago and we need not bear it any longer for by your stripes we are healed. 

You say we have been set free, you say we are overcomers and  that we are more than conquerors and all of that is for today so that by your spirit, we have the strength to overcome all these today. Help us to gaze at your cross so that we are empowered by your Holy Spirit who strengthens us in our inner man. 

Teach us to act according to Your word to help each other heal our hurts individually. Help us look outward to set the captives free, even those around us whom we have knowingly or unknowingly hurt. Help us O Lord to apply Your love, what you have taught us, to the people that directly impact our lives and not just superficial service of Christian love to others when we can't even set our own household or our own church in order. 

Help us not feed strife but to look to you for supernatural guidance not by our own understanding, not by the law but to move according to Your Spirit. Teach us O Lord to love one another for where there is love, the devil hates it so much it has no choice but to flee for a time. Open our eyes of our heart to see all this and not let us be used by the "zero love" devil. In Jesus' name we pray. Amen.

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