Sunday, December 12, 2010

Nic rolls his tongue, plays music and sings

When I was in school, I remember we carried out a simple gene test with tongue rolling. Those who could roll their tongues supposedly have dominant gene from their parent(s). So, when Nic could not roll his tongue, I thought he did not receive our dominant gene. Poor Nic was upset that Henry, Ethan and I could roll our tongues and he felt left out. Although I explained genes to him and that everyone is unique because God made us all special and unique, he must have been secretly practicing over many months.

Yesterday, Nic demonstrated he could roll his tongue. I was wondering why he was doing 'swirly whirly' with his tongue until I realized he was doing something he could not do before.

Hey, what ever happened to what we learned in school? Gene theory made too simple? Whatever the explanation, I recognize that God has triggered something that allowed this tongue rolling now, just like how He made my eye lashes curl and my hair wavy. Nic says I am no longer mummy Elizabeth, I am a pretty princess with curly hair. Such an encouraging son! Thank you Nic!

Nic sat for his first piano exam yesterday. I have been dreading putting Nic in front of parents and other competing children since he was 5 years old when he started music class. Thank God it was just a one to one with an examiner in a closed classroom. The reason for putting him to music class was because we were trying to channel his over abundant energy to something he was passionate about. But finding a teacher patient enough to bring out the best from a hyperactive child was not so easy. His drum teacher could not tell us to our face the difficulty he was having with Nic until one day Nic damaged an electric guitar in the store. Groan. When he finally took up piano, it had to be one with lots of fun and action to hold his attention yet he was terribly shy and fidgety and had difficulty listening and following his teacher. Sigh. I had to come out with a rule book with visuals specially for his behavior in class. "Do not spit, listen to your teacher, sit straight, stand straight, do not drag your leg, do not fidget, listen and sing" etc. That was before I discovered scriptures "I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength" (Philippians 4:13) and "I am bold as a lion" (Proverbs 28:2). Two VBSes later and constantly feeding him with what God thinks about him, Nic is slowly transforming. Even then, he was feeling fearful of failure. "What will happen if I cannot remember, will I fail? Then, I am not so good right?" Thankfully this class only encourages areas of improvement and not by point system.

For the first time, we have positive feedback from someone whom Nic has never met before and does not know how hyperactive Nic was before. She told Nic to deliver his song pieces with more confidence. Sigh. I know that but we can only keep encouraging Nic. Nic was also asked to sing a song of his choice. His rendition of "La Di Da, we're making music" started softly but when he hit the chorus, he sang much louder. He startled the examiner who commented that he has a lovely voice and in pitch too and that we should encourage him to sing more.

Thank you Bee Lian for all your tips and the few small lessons that helped boost Nic's confidence!

Thank you Lord that you ephphatha (that is, 'be opened' Mark 7:34) Nic's brain and that you are transforming Him by your word. I praise You that by your spirit, Nic chose to believe what You say about Him and is slowly overcoming his fears and achieving things he could not do before. Thank you Jesus for your love for your children. In Jesu' name. Amen.

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