Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Hitherto hath the Lord helped us

Hitherto hath the Lord helped us."—1 Samuel 7:12.

'hitherto' - Thus far, so far, up to this point...has the Lord helped me.

As the end of the year approaches, I have much to thank God for. Since I can't make it for the watchnight service this Friday, I pen down my thanksgiving thoughts here.

Thank You Lord for:

- Bringing me out of spiritual dryness to longing to be in Your presence
- Bringing music back into my life where I can worship You. It is so beautiful and I realise i am created for this.
- Calling me an 'able vessel' and giving me a purpose in life
- Hearing my cries and seeing my journals
- My husband so strong, loving and believing in me and what You have in store for me
- My Mummy who is so caring and supportive. I love her food!
- My Family and friends who is so endearing and always holding my hands and praying for me
- Reuniting me with my dad and helping us know each other better
- Opening my eyes to see what the devil can do to my mind and helping me to reject what the devil says that against what you say about me
- Helping me understand grace all over again
- Helping me long for the holy spirit who guides me always
- Helping me understand that it is the holy spirit that helps me transform from within
- Your angels helping me this very moment to seek out the root causes of self pity, rejection and melancholy and knowing that this too you have borne it on your body on the cross 2000 years ago
- Raising Ethan to remind me of You time and again through his comments and his prayers for me
- Helping Nicholas break free from fears and becoming a new boy ready to absorb knowledge
- Using my testimonies in my blog to reach out to many who want to see You, who need You especially my church at this moment
- Helping me see my follies and setting my path straight
- Making my aches and pain all go away with only one Tarceva tablet and sparing me from radiotherapy
- Your healing power working through the Tarceva, E Excel products, Elken products, Nefful negative ion clothing, lemon grass juice, burdock soup, fruit and vege juices and all the food You have given me
- Giving me good appetite
- Destroying the cancer cells daily
- Making my immune system stronger everyday
- The word of prophecy that 'it is done, that he will grant me long life and complete healing'
- my rhema of Isaiah 7 that 'the cancer will not rise up, will not happen, will not take place, that it will be too shattered and I need only stand on my faith and it will be established'
- the big peace dove in the sky to reconfirm Isaiah 7 and to encourage me on
- The heart in the sky and spelling 'LOV' and then I stopped you
- The rainbows I saw to remind me of your promises to me
- the 'triumphant entry' you always show me in the bible and even different bible
- The beautiful colorful dream of the bird parade in 3 phases with a large variety of birds (blessing of many kinds), classical music (showing the difficulty i am going through but you are so beautiful it is worth it) and the head of an elephant balloon floating in the last phase signifying victory
- fully paid salary for the more than one and a half years
- providing me with work next year and a chance to share my testimonies with my colleagues
- making the cancer so small and not worth thinking about for in your glory, it is You that stand out, it is You who are my helper
- Teaching me to be humble, to submit to you always and to yield to the holy spirit
- Teaching me to intercede for others and that this is the season to do good works which you have prepared in advance for me to do
- slotting me to help out in Sunday school again
- Giving me an opportunity to help out in Vacation Bible School
- All the practical tips you taught me in deeper life seminar for my daily living.
- bearing all my sins including my cancer on your body on the cross and i need not bear them any longer and by Your stripes I am healed!

I look forward for more adventure with You Lord because You have sustained me and brought me out of the pit thus far and I know You have more in store of me!  I rejoice in the shadow of Your wings until disaster has passed.

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