Tuesday, December 28, 2010

That's Why She Loved Much

Luke 7:47
"Therefore I tell you, her many sins have been forgiven, that's why she loved much. But the one who is forgiven little, loves little"

This passage spoke strongly to me one morning especially the part that said '..that's why she loved much...". What I found fascinating was this happened even before Jesus died on the cross for our sins, her sins! Even before Jesus uttered the above words, she had already brought in an alabaster flask of fragrant oil and stood behind him at his feet, weeping and began to wash his feet with her tears. She wiped his feet with her hair of her head, kissing them and anointing them with the fragrant oil.

She probably heard about Jesus and His authority and willingness to forgive sins and she poured her heart out to Jesus by the act of washing and anointing. This woman knew grace even before He died on the cross!

It is the same today, if only we knew how much we are forgiven, how much Jesus bore on His body the punishment, the scourge, the affliction because of the wrath of God that was meant for us because of our sins. And the moment we receive his forgiveness, his awesome love for us, we would love Him back, we would love much!

It is one thing to know (in our heads) what Jesus did for us on the cross and another to receive his love and forgiveness.

To the one who is forgiven little, loves little. To me, it is not that Father God forgave little but that we did not receive His love full heartedly but only know about it in our minds. The holy spirit can't indwell us when we don't believe in our hearts (our spirit man) what Jesus did for us. Without the holy spirit, we can't transform from within and if we can't transform from within, He can't use us fully for His Kingdom.

Yet, if we just open our hearts to receive His love and say "I receive Your love today", it is so powerful, and as His love and holy spirit flows through us, it will break the chains that bind us and set us free to love Him and just worship Him.

I love this song by Hillsong that just seems to fit into my understanding of this verse from Luke this morning and I just want to worship Him. :) I pray you will just receive His love this morning as you sing to Him this morning.

The Wonder of Your Love (by Hillsong)

Verse 1:
You inhabit the praises of Your people
You delight in the glory of Your son
In the love of the Father we will worship
In the Kingdom of God we find our home

The wonder of Your love
Will break the chains that bind us
The power of Your touch
Releases us to worship

Sing out to God Sing Hallelujah
With all we are we will worship You
Holy is Your name
Holy is Your name oh God

Verse 2:
And together we'll lift the name of Jesus
And together we'll sing of Your great love
We will join with the angels and praise You
May our voices be pleasing to You God

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  1. A reflection for you.

    Truly, yours are the hands with which He blesses all the world.


    May He continue to heal and bless you...

    In nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti. Amen