Monday, January 11, 2010

Cycling with Henry

I had a dream more than a month ago. I was riding a bicycle downhill very fast. I felt so free and as I whizzed through a narrow gap I noted I had become braver and more daring! Behind me was Henry trying to catch up with me on his bicycle. I felt I was spiritually ahead of Henry and I didn’t want him to lag behind. Since then I’ve been encouraging him to sign up for Deeper Life Seminar at the Renewal Lutheran Church (51A/221 PJ).

Yesterday was the first day of the class and I was really encouraged when Henry, King Wai and Tony went to check out its first class. Alas, it was not meant to be. Tony wasn’t comfortable. Henry wasn’t sure. King Wai wasn’t prompted to want to go again. Still Henry and King Wai would give the class another try next Monday.

It’s amazing how it ministered to me and it didn’t do much to them. Deeper Life Seminar isn’t for everyone. I went before the Lord today and there was a confirmation in my heart to say that God has his own timing and his ways. Our ways are not his ways, our thoughts not his thoughts. What I thought would be good for my friends and husband may not be God’s timing. “God will make a way” sung Don Moen this morning.

The sermon last Sunday by Tan Yu Kheong and his wife spoke to me to just say to the Lord “I am willing” and He will start opening doors to me on where I should go. But it has been my concern that what if I am ready and Henry isn’t. What if he only experiences God through trials and not actively seeking God?

I was very encouraged when King Wai told me “I know Deeper Life Seminar did minister to you. Maybe it agreed with your spirit because of what was shared was for you but you must not think that Henry has not experienced God’s touch. I think he seeing you grow and the changes happening in his life is evidence of God’s goodness. His faith has surely grown. One thing that Ps Vernon Falls said was to cast all your cares on God. “Cast” means to release. You must release this care concern of yours. Don't think God is guiding you on a different path and Henry on a divergent one. I believe He is working in both your lives and when the time is right you will know. Have faith in the God who made you:-) When you draw closer to God he draws closer to you and you begin to hear him more through the Holy Spirit prompting I believe. But as all things, we are still work in progress. After all the good work he has started in us will be completed by Him :-)”

We can’t force anybody to love God or experience God more. Like King Wai says regarding the issue of spiritual walk we have to go slow with others because at the end of the day it is that person’s personal walk with God and the holy spirit working in them that will help them discern.

I believe we can only pray for the holy spirit to work in them. So, that was my prayer this morning, to cast all my concerns of Henry unto the Lord that in His right timing He will show Henry and I the direction he is to go. I surrender unto you Oh Lord.

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