Thursday, January 28, 2010

I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me

Nic's impression of his school

This phrase “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” is from a Vacation Bible School song last year called “All Things”

Who would have thought this line would have such a big impact for Nic and truly God’s words washes us and cleanses us and is slowly lodging into Nic’s spirit.

Nic has seen much transformation since the first week in school. After facing much stress with Nic’s teacher who gave us much discouraging reports of Nic’s progress in his chinese school, we decided to commit it all to God. And then ideas started pouring in. I thought it’d be good if I kept reminding Nic of the song “All things” Even Ethan would sing along with us to make it all fun. I taught him that if he should have any difficulties in the classroom, he should this song to himself. Then amazingly, the following week First Baptist Church started giving out bibles to children in Primary One! Nic has his very own adult bible now! Praise God! At first, I thought it would be too difficult for Nic because he can’t really read but I decided to just teach him one verse, Philippians 4:13.

I bookmarked it with a magnetic bookmark so it won’t get lost and I highlighted the verse so he can just zoom into it. In the beginning, he was struggling to read it and learning new words. He could not just sing the song he already knew because the words are different. In the NIV bible, it says “I can do everything through him who gives me strength.”

Yesterday, when I checked with him again, he could say it right off his tongue. Check this out on youtube.

Henry has also begun to pray aloud with Nic as they walk to school together. Nic gets rather shy when people pass by and hear Henry pray and he would hush his dad. Henry says “Don’t you want me to pray?” and Nic would say “I want but softly”. Still, it does not stop Henry from praying aloud and praying amongst others, for Nic’s brain to connect. Even Henry has grown in strength in his faith. We used to observe Hamir pray aloud for his children next door and he has a booming voice! I have a big smile on my face everytime I realize that my husband does it too these days.

Within days, we started to see changes in Nic. He finishes his homework without much struggle and also less stress to us adults. On his own accord, he wanted to sign up for robotics only to find out later it was for Primary 4 to 6. He looked forward to Boys Brigade and just last Sunday he was complaining to his dad “Why isn’t there anymore VBS and Boys Brigade!”. His father looked at him strangely “Yes, VBS has ended but you go for BB every Saturday!”. That is the excitement welling up in Nic. Henry and I used to complain how we sign him up for classes only for Nic to tell us later that he does not like it. He’s done it for swimming, drums, music. Even for BB, after the first class, he said he didn’t want to go anymore for the next class. Sigh.

So, it’s truly Father God that is helping him. Even last Sunday, for the first time he took out the vcd himself to watch the piano notes just before music class. Imagine! He’s never done this before and we always had to coax him to practice his piano. I heard from Henry, he can even do dance steps confidently when asked to by the piano teacher.

Imagine growth within days! Only by the power of God! It’s a lesson to me to cast all my cares and anxieties to God, to totally release it all to Him because he says “My yoke is easy, my burden is light”. It’s easier said than done and I remember talking to God aloud “Lord, YOU said your yoke is easy, your burden is light..YOU said it Lord”. I would say it over and over again until my anxieties leave me. Now, I’m beginning to see how great an Abba Father He is. He truly loves us and cares for us. Just release it all to Him until you get a breakthrough.

This is what their teachers look like?
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  1. Wonderful sharing Liz. The power of God is surely working in all our lives and as for Nic, I'm glad he is finding his footing at school and at home. Now you don't have to worry too much and just go with the flow :-)

  2. It's really learning to trust God isn't it. I said I did but I was not a doer until now. It's all piecing up now - trusting him, doing his word, watch the miracles and like u always teach me - go with the flow. :) Thanks King Wai!

  3. Yup, you got that right. The trusting bit is always the biggest issues I think for Christians cause sometimes God get us to deal with something in our lives that requires trusting Him even when everything around us and our senses say otherwise. But I can say that as you commit the struggle of change to God he helps you through and you don't feel so bad afterwards for being so reluctant initially. But it is a journey. In today's Daily Bread (29 Jan) it spoke about how life is a race and at the bottom of the page in bold letters is the phrase which I share to others to take each day as it comes and don't let the past keep you for moving forward cause "Life is not a sprint, its a marathon".

  4. So true, and I have to remember that in my heart that life is not a sprint that my walk in him should be consistent until Jesus returns, that there is life after this trial and an unending love relationship with Jesus to pursue. Thanks King Wai. I think it was a breakthrough for me this month but I need to persevere and ask God for more for I beleive there is more.