Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Nic Evangelises

Nic evangelised yesterday and he didn't even know it! I was pleasantly surprised when Henry told me that Nic told his Ah ma that she would not be able to go to heaven because she does not know Jesus yet. Nic wanted to go to heaven to see Jesus, to hug him because he loves Jesus. He really wants to give Jesus a great big hug because Nic had many personal encounters with Jesus!

I told him only people that die who know Jesus can go to heaven. I told him we need him here on earth to share Jesus with others especially to his Ah ma who doesn't know Jesus yet. I'm glad Ah ma didn't blow her top, she actually smiled, according to Henry. We continue to pray that God will send a perfect labourer to share Jesus with her and that she will be saved. In Jesus' name we pray. Amen! (It might well be that Nic is that perfect labourer!)

Most of us playdown the reality of hell until maybe we get a close encounter with God. Hamir once shared a testimony of a wealthy man, a general manager of an electric product company. This GM's wife had been praying for him for 20 years to turn to God. But he only continued to commit unimaginable sins including contracting out jobs to kill people. That part wasn't revealed in this man's testimony but Hamir saw it in him and spoke it out to the man. The man said "How did you know?!". One day, he was hospitalised for heart problem and had FIVE by-pass surgeries. He thought the doctors would just operate him and all will be well again and he could then continue to live his life as usual again. Suddenly in the middle of the night at the hospital after the surgery he saw himself plunging into darkness. He was being pressed down, down, down into a dark pit and he was feeling scared! He kept getting pushed down until he saw two YELLOW EYES staring at him and he knew then it was the angel of Death! He was so terrified that he shouted "JESUS save me!". And he started to come out from the pit and there was Jesus next to him. Jesus asked "Why should I save you?". The man told him that he would tell others about Jesus. Jesus replied "I have so many people including past prophets that further my Kingdom. Why would i need you!" The man said "I want to return to my wife make up to her as I have neglected her for the past 20 years". With that, Jesus allowed him to live and today he gives this testimony to everyone and has left his old life! And he even has a big cross scar across his chest to show to others!

God is compassionate. He is slow to anger. It is only us who have our own misassumptions of who God really is.

May you discover Jesus all over again this new year. Jesus said "I am the way the truth the light. No one comes to the Father except through me". Only Jesus has seen Father God and He came down to planet earth to show himself to us and performed all the miracles so we may believe. Read the book of Luke and John. They are great places to start reading in the bible. I cast out all work of darkness working against you from believing and I loose the anointing of the holy spirit upon you that you may open the eyes of your heart to see Jesus. In Jesus' name I pray. Amen.

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