Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Update - Pray Tarceva No More!

My check up at SJMC with Dr Foo Yoke Ching is tomorrow morning. There has been no x ray or ct scan scheduled. I guess I have recovered so well the doctor does not know what to do with me. :) I would have taken 6 months of Tarceva (chemo drugs) and that may be the duration of the course I am suppose to take. It is subjective though depending how well a person reacts to the drug. That's why I have to be scanned every 3 months.

I do have the bone drug administration on tomorrow called Zumita. That is to strengthen my bones. It is administered through a drip so I am not looking forward to "finding the vein" again.

I have a bit of sniffles but it has no power and no dominion over me. I was sneezing continuously this morning and decided to pray in tongues and just commit the "ha chooos" to the Lord. For that moment I prayed in tongues, it stopped although the nose was still a wee bit ticklish.

Other than the above, I feel strong and energetic and perfectly normal! Praise the Lord! All glory and honour to Him, our supernatural God who delivers us when we call upon Him!

I have a specific prayer which I pray you will pray along with me. I shared that about a month or more ago, I had sensed that I didn't need to take tarceva anymore and then I got hit by the 3 week "attack" of fever/lack of energy/stiff neck. Last week, I sensed it again. So my specific prayer to God is that if I do not need to take the tarceva anymore, please say it through my doctor as confirmation!

Yes, I pray for God's confirmation through the doctor that I will not need to take Tarceva anymore. That I am free! That I am completely healed! Thank you Jesus for healing me and for your confirmation. I receive it in faith in Jesus' name. Amen.

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