Friday, January 22, 2010

Praying for Creative Miracle for Robert!

As I write, I am so filled with the holy spirit and shaking with excitement! It has just begun to rain as I reached home after meeting Robert Lam with Uncle Allen at the hospital just now. There is thunder and lightning out there now! Lots of thunder and I can imagine God parting heaven and coming down to Robert Lam’s rescue right now. Wow! Hear that thunder! God’s angry! With blazing nostril, God’s surfing on dark clouds and coming down to destroy all the cancer, the spirit of death. Oh yes!

I witnessed today the work of the holy spirit! As I brought Uncle Allen to meet Robert, I wasn’t sure what I was going to say to Robert because I had already met him on Wednesday. On Wednesday, I asked Robert whether he was still holding on to God’s promise to him for the 10 years and he gave an affirmative yes!

Uncle Allen just said he will just see how the holy spirit prompts him. He asked whether Robert would be in a private room and I said that he was sharing the room with 3 others.
When we got to 9th floor of the main building at University Hospital, he wasn’t there. Oh no! What happened? The nurses said he has been transferred to the 6th floor of Menara Timur. Apparently, he’s there so that they could administer tranquiliser to him and I thought oh no, it can’t be good.

Robert said he could not talk much and I told him he didn’t have to speak much and just to rest. This time he did not have his oxygen mask but oxygen tube into his nostrils. He has a nicer room and a single room too! So he closed his eyes. I was wondering what’s going to happen next because Uncle Allen said we’ll go with the holy spirit. After a long silence, finally Uncle Allen asked his age. He wasn’t sure what he would say at first but after seeing Robert and meeting him he said to Robert that he sensed he had many more years to live. In short he asked if he was prepared to live and testify to other cancer patients around the world and Robert was so confident that he will live to testify of how God has brought him out. Uncle Allen said he felt God holding him back and only wanted him to visit Robert today. Incidentally today’s the last day the doctor has given Robert to live. Imagine, today’s the day.

He also shared with Robert about Abraham having to plunge the knife into his son Isaac and at that last moment God stopped him. It’s that last moment that God is waiting for. God wants to ensure that all glory would go to him, that when Robert is healed, it is not the medicine or nutrients or surgery etc but Him alone. We started laying hands on Robert to pray and to ask God a creative miracle, to ask God for new body parts for him. And all that time Robert’s faith was getting stronger and stronger and he was holding me so tightly. I praised God for every affirmative word that came out from Robert’s mouth. One time he even mentioned – “To prove them wrong”. For someone who could not say much, he spoke much for Christ! Praise God! Praise God!

Then, suddenly, Uncle Allen said, we’ll come back tomorrow at 10am. There will be a worship session for him at 10 am together with members of the second chance ministry. It will be a very powerful ministry which God will want to use Robert because he would be a testimony like Lazarus raised from the dead. Uncle Allen said as he spoke, his hair is standing and after he left the room with me, he said his whole body was trembling. So was I and as I shared with my mum later and hugged her, she also shivered and said “I claim it!”. Praise God! Praise God!
So, friends, please pray for Robert Lam. Please pray for his healing, that God will spare his life not for extension of life but to serve God in this second chance ministry to give hope to many people diagnosed with cancer, that they might find hope in our living God! Jane who was beside us said he would be a new Robert and she would be by his side serving him. We also spoke life over his family, that it will be a new family, harmonious and united and all serving God along side Robert as well.

My heart is beating so fast as I write this. When I pray, I look away as I imagine I lay hands on Robert and I look away because it is God’s awesome glory that will come down to heal Robert. So awesome, I can’t bear to see – not anything we did – we are just God’s servants. And you can pray wherever you are too because in the heavenly realm, there is no distance. Pray that God will perform a creative miracle on Robert Lam for His glory!

Please pray in one voice for Robert Lam and it was my mum and Uncle Allen that pointed out the paraplegic who could not get into the house where Jesus was for healing. So, his friends helped ease him in from the roof into the house. We are his friends, so let’s lower him down to Jesus together. Let’s declare together Ps 118:17 that Robert Lam will not die but LIVE to PROCLAIM God’s wondrous deeds and confess together with Robert Lam “By Jesus stripes, Robert Lam is healed”.

All glory to God!

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  1. What powerful sharing Liz. Although i was not there I could imagine how the Spirit was working so powerfully when you and your Uncle were ministering to Robert.. Indeed all praises be to God and I will continue to pray for God to `raise' Robert back to life.. it'll be even a greater miracle than how He has healed you.. we submit Robert to Jesus, the greatest Healer himself who has died and resurrected. I look forward to your update after the worship session.. God bless you my sis for your unwavering faith.. you're an amazing testimony!