Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Testifying in Faith (Robert Lam)

Robert Lam shared with us (Ps Sasha, Ps Chris, Elaine and I) on 6 November 2009 that he sensed that God would give him another 10 years to live. We were so happy of this hope he has in our Lord Jesus Christ. We asked him to claim it in Jesus’ name!

He is now in University Hospital after a period of not being able to sustain his food. He lacked the appetite and he kept vomiting. Robert has stage 4 skin cancer called melanoma. His condition is rare and his biopsy had to be sent to Singapore to be analysed. Robert had opted for alternative treatment of taking supplements. The oncologist at the University Hospital told him he should go on chemotherapy to address renal failure (something to do with the liver).

I pray I could give him all the hope that God has given me but the journey is his to take. There will be an appreciative assembly for him this Sunday at 5pm at the First Baptist Church Subang chapel. I am not certain if he is strong enough to attend or maybe he should be resting.

I know people mean well when they organize events like this but I fear it may convey a different message to his spirit. I know they want to communicate to him all that he has done but what if deep down they are saying "I will miss you if you return home to the Lord". I really really pray that it is a time of encouragement, of speaking life to his body, of encouraging him that it is God's will to heal because the bible says so.

I was so troubled this morning and felt led by the holy spirit to tell Robert that if he has to go this assembly, to use this event as a platform to testify that he will claim’s God’s assurance to him that he has 10 more years to live. To claim God’s promises in Ps 118:17 “I will not die but live and will proclaim what the LORD has done.” It is when he testifies with such faith that he will begin to receive healing. In this journey, there's so much I want to share to those with cancer but most times I don't know how to do it tactfully or maybe I am too tactful the real message does not come out. How do you tell someone to surrender all to God? My mum told Aunty Florence, what God can do for her is only up to the measure that she trust God for healing. I suppose the only way is through my testimony and the only way I know how.

I remember I had to go through this journey too. Even before our decision for chemotherapy, I shared with the ex-CCFers of what God wanted me to tell First Baptist Church. I had already started testifying and indirectly demonstrating that I will do God’s will and trust He will perform what He says. It was a nerve wrecking experience and I shivered and a lump in my throat as I shared. And 2 weeks after the biopsy, on 18th July 2009, I truly believed God has healed me as a birthday present to my mum and my mum believed it too. It took a long while before men's reports show the miracles but I believe God had already healed me then.

I pray that Robert will take this step of faith. If you read this, please pray for Robert and when you meet him, encourage him to claim God’s promises for his healing for God is mighty and powerful. It is the Holy spirit that convicts, works in him that ultimately heals him.


  1. Dear bunny of faith,
    I am so encouraged by your faith and the journey you have taken this far! Continue to do the Lord's work. I do remember that night when you first shared with us ... it was certainly a powerful night of prayer and sharing.

  2. Hi chiew Hwa, you r very creative saying bunny of this n that! :) Thanks for your encouragement. Yes that night was a very scary moment. I think I am beginning to "mew" louder these days. Praying it will be a roar soon!