Thursday, January 7, 2010

I’m so excited for Robert Lam!

It’s wonderful to see how God is turning things around for Robert Lam. I hear that Ps Leon from EFC chapel will be leading the prayers for the Appreciation Assembly this Sunday at 5pm at Subang First Baptist Church. Ps Leon was one of the many pastors that prayed over me and I remember he too said I am healed months ago! He told me to keep thanking God and if I run out of words, I could thank Him praying in tongues every morning.

Then, this morning I hear that Ps Lydia and Ps Joseph from Global Breakthrough Church wants to meet up with Robert Lam. They taught me how to invite Jesus into my heart, they told me about "open doors" and they are so in tune with the holy spirit the words they speak were relevant to what I was going through then. Praise the Lord! Yesterday, I gave Robert a book “God’s word for Healing”. You can purchase it from Salvation at SS2, PJ. It summarises scriptures verses from the bible on healing so that you don’t have to hunt for them. The book even has a 31 day devotion guide. Actually, if you are looking for some guidance on how to pray for healing, you can also visit:

This was prepared by my Uncle Allen led by the Holy Spirit.

So anyways, I am all so excited where all this is heading and I pray that Robert’s spirit will be strengthened in the Lord even more.

Two months is too long for a strategy not to kick off. The alternative treatment does not seem to help but I am certain once Robert grows in spirit in the Lord whatever strategy he commits to God will just be used by God mightily!

We continue to claim that by Jesus’ stripes, Robert is healed. But currently his symptoms are as follows:

- Looks tired
- Needs oxygen to be comfortable (sometimes)
- Stomach bloated because liver is not in good shape
- Lack of Appetite
- Nauseas

I rebuke all the cancer cells in him and cast it out in the name of Jesus! I plead for the blood of Jesus to flow through him and remove Robert’s nausea away right now right not and that he regains his appetite in Jesus’ name. I pray that God will work the Lidan beverage (E Excel) that will be introduced to him today to clear his liver and make it healthy again. I speak life to his liver and to all his cells and organs that it will all return to normal so that he can eat and that his immune system will be boosted up again in Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

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