Friday, June 10, 2011

Greetings from Langkawi Island

Greetings from Langkawi Island

As we were about to land, I saw rain coming down from some rain clouds and rain streaming down vertically but elsewhere Langkawi is dry! What a sight!

We're staying at Danna Hotel. It reminds me of Raffles Hotel in Singapore and even Henry agreed. He said it is like old English colonial style. This is the nicest hotel we've ever stayed. The boys love it so much, they keep wanting to go back to the hotel room. You know why? Because they want to use the big bath tub. It has a sliding door between the bath tub and the bedroom. The bathroom is almost as big as the room! It is also the first hotel that served healthy celery and apple juice, no sugar added as their welcome drink plus a free neck and shoulder massage. Gee, we're really treated like royal family here. It is so luxurious! 

Oh, the pool is huge, lots of shallow parts for the kids with an overflowing pool overlooking the sea and another big area for jacuzzi.

When we first arrived, I wasn't feeling well. Each time I cough, the side of my waist, a bit to the back hurts. I was tired, I hurt and fear set in. Thank God I brought my healing scripture book "Healed of Cancer" by Dodie Osteen. She quoted John 10:10

"10 The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly."

She would read aloud this verse everyday. But I found it useful to cast out the fear in me last night. She said she would say "Devil, you are not going to steal my health. You have not stolen my health, and you will not steal it. You will not kill me, and you will never destroy me, because I am a worshipper of God. I do His will, and He hears me. Jesus has come that I may have life, and have it more abundantly." I was quoting many other healing scriptures and the confidence arose in me again and by bedtime, worry had left me. Today, I could enjoy myself with my family, I even took a swim, sat in the jacuzzi to massage the hurting part and went to The Underwater World. Nic said he loves the penguins at the UW because they can "fly" underwater!

I suddenly realize how wonderful God's word is as medicine. It really is health food, spiritually, more important that healthy food that we consume daily because God's words feed our soul, our hearts, our spirit and then it overflows to the body and that is how healing takes place. It is not about whether it is God's will or how much faith we have. In my earlier journey all I could say is that it is different for everyone's journey but everyone has to walk their journey. Now, I understand more in detail. So, this morning,even as I woke up early in the morning, I just wanted to take in God's word and just kept repeating it over and over again until I felt God's assurance and love for me.

The pain is still there as I write but there is no anxiety. Last night when I was filled with anxiety, I actually felt weaker but today I am enjoying myself despite the pain. I sense the holy spirit telling me, don't worry, it is just muscle pain. Praise the Lord! Please pray for me too. 

The cable car is high up in the mountains and we can actually see it from the swimming pool. At night it is lit up. It is so high up in the mountains. The drive up there must be interesting. Maybe a steep and windy road?