Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Miracle Healing Explosion with Dr. Vernon Falls

Dr Vernon Falls has ministered in over 100 nations of the world with mighty signs, wonders, miracles and gifts of the holy spirit.

Renewal Lutheran Church
Lot 5, Jalan 51A/221
Petaling Jaya
(near Jalan 222 next to Sato Building)

Date: 18 June 2011

Time: 7 pm

Bring the sick and afflicted as Jesus does the healing.

Parking within the church is reserved for the elderly, the infirm, families with children and newcomers. You can park near the church or a parking lot marked prominently as "RLC Parking" along Jalan 222. Shuttle vans run every 5-7 mins an hour before and after the service. On rainy days, please drop passengers at the main porch. If you are walking alone to.your vehicle, feel free to ask for an escort at the guard house.

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