Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Update - Getting Stronger

Update - Getting Stronger

I was still feeling weak yesterday further to the nerve attack last Friday in Langkawi. Though the nerve pain is gone, it left my entire body weaker and there was some pain at the bottom of right shoulder blade. By the time I went for bible class, there was some pull on my chest near my right arm pit. It all seems very alarming but it has no power no dominion over me. 

During bible class, I waited and waited for the right time before i caught Ps Vernon Falls to pray for me. After he laid hands on me and prayed, I felt the pull immediately left me. Praise the Lord!

This morning, I woke up a bit stronger. I had craving for Nasi lemak so I substituted the white rice with 10 grain rice which i cooked earlier.

This week seem like a healing week from me beginning last Saturday. My mum was praying for me during a vigil which started 10 pm last Saturday to 6.45 am Sunday morning (Pentecostal Sunday). I think she was slightly discouraged to hear of the nerve attack but I said that is normal. There is sometimes spiritual attack before miracles happen. Then, there was Ps Vernon praying for me. This Thursday, Bro Leong will be back in Shah Alam again for a healing fellowship and I will be attending with Lai Ping. 

This morning, I received a healing cd from my friend who is very much into health food, fitness, meditations and has a statue of an elephant on her table. She actually visited SIB church and bought a healing cd for me by Dr Paul And and Dr Christina Ang! Praise the Lord! They read God's words and give testimonies of healing from their ministry. I cried listening to the cd as I prayed with the couple.

Then, this Saturday is the Miracle Healing Explosion at RLC church at Lot 5, Jln 51A/221, PJ. During our "wall of fire" prayer meet, our leader prophesied that it will be an uncommon session and the auditorium will be jam packed. However, there will be spiritual attack just before and we are to pray everyday till Saturday. I was thinking how the spiritual attack has already hit me but I bind and break it in Jesus' name. Last night, while we were praying in tongues, Ps Joshua Yee felt the presence of God so strong that he took over the mic and prayed with us and together we held hands and prayed for the miracle rally. He said he was compelled to do it because of the awesome presence of God and he felt God has surely heard our prayers collectively.

So, it is another exciting week and I look forward to enjoying God's presence this Saturday and continuing to receive his healing. Already, His power is at work in me. The Miracle Healing Explosion starts at 7 pm.

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