Monday, June 27, 2011

Praying for Nic

Praying for Nic

At about 2 am I woke up and decided to look up for articles on how to boost Nic's confidence. Every time Nic gets his report card, Henry and I just crumble and wonder how to help Nic. To me, it is not the academic that I am worried about. It is about bringing out his potential. With fear, there is so many things he would not dare to do. I know because I was in that position. Yet, I do not know how to bring Nic out of it. Yesterday, I sensed God say to pray for Nic so I looked up prayers for children. There was an article highlighting the big topics to pray for eg his relationship with God, his friends, protection,turning his weaknesses to strength etc. It was most helpful. The article can be found at this website,

As I said a short simple prayer for Nic, I then prayed in the spirit and I broke down and cried. My heart was so heavy. I really don't want Nic to go through what i went through. Khin Wee I believe has a soft spot for Nic because he too can relate to Nic. He said to be patient with Nic and to keep encouraging him.

God is teaching me to lean on Him for help rather than to use our reasonings to help Nic. With our mind, we want to change schools, we want to put him to drama school over and above his current activities. 

So, I am off to write a prayer to Nic now and keeping it in my bible. Please pray for wisdom for Henry and I and for us to rest in Him with regard to Nic.

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