Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Update - God's love for me

Update - God's love for me

It was 3.45 am when I woke up last Sunday and I went downstairs to do my devotion. I saw flashes of lightning and you know by now, that makes me very happy and I immediately sensed God's presence. Then it started to rain. That brought a smile to my face, filled my heart with joy but what I did not expect was when I finished devotion at about 5 am and headed upstairs to sleep again, the rain stopped! I really felt it was a special moment between God and I! Lightning and rain showers just for me. Thank You Lord for your love for me. :)

Exercise - so far so good. This week, I exercised on Monday and Wednesday (today). Thank you so much to Karen Kerr who smsed me to check whether I was going to exercise on Monday. I really really needed that. It has been hard to get into routine.

Teeny wheezing and mild gastric pain - hmmm, all these symptoms came up in the wee hours in the morning (today) when I woke up. It brought fear to my heart and I used my authority to bind and break it and I commanded the wheezing and the spirit of pain, fear and affliction to leave me in Jesus' name. It did not seem to be hunger pain but just in case it was, I drank nutrifresh (e excel) and ate a slice of bread. Then I popped a charcoal pill. Really, all this I just look to the holy spirit to guide me. I went upstairs and Henry asked for the time. I told him about the pain and wheezing and I asked for him to lay hands on me and pray for me. I sense he must do it everyday for me. There is something about a husband's prayer for his wife. The next morning, he asked how I am. I checked and said, I am healed! Praise the Lord! Can you imagine that wheezing can just go off like that? Nothing is impossible for God. :) 

As what God told me on Monday, I really need to spend more time speaking out His word and casting out all doubts and unbelief several times a day. That is the only way to strengthen my inner man. As I sang "Through it All" this morning, it brought tears to my eyes. I long so much to be with Him...God is good, He delivered me once again!

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