Tuesday, June 28, 2011

She Will Live

Hamir, my mother in law's neighbour, used to call me every other day and he would sing praises to God over the phone and pray for me and if God led him, he would give me a word or two to encourage me. He hasn't done that a long time as i drew closer to God. Just this morning, Hamir called out to Henry as he saw Henry walking down the road after sending Nic to school. He told Henry that as he saw him walking down the road, he saw the words "She will live". He told Henry "Don't forget to tell Liz".

Henry just told me and I was so touched, i teared. He also said to just trust God's words and that is what I am really learning now. That despite the circumstances, despite the aches I am experiencing, I tell God "I do not consider how I feel. I believe I have received your healing. I thank you for healing me". The pain is still there but it is only temporary. I think the aches are from the bug Ethan passed to me. I am going to try and walk it off shortly without pushing myself too much.

I thank God for His words through Hamir. God is good all the time. He just knows the right time to give us the right words. I love You Lord!

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