Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Baking for Elizabeth Mah

Baking for Elizabeth Mah campaign

On some days, I feel my journey should be called "Saving Private Liz" ( as from the movie Saving Private Ryan). I first thought like that when I saw Henry searching for new medicine fNor me eg Low Dose naltrexone, some kind of blood transfusion technology at the Nilai Cancer Centre, solamargine and recently reading up on Gendicine. I was surprised not all husbands are like that. Ok, i guess i shouldn't be. It is just that when I share the same materials with my friends who were diagnosed with cancer and ask them to ask their husbands to read, they tell me their husbands are too busy and they normally have to read up their own. Some husbands still continue to work late at night and the wife continues to look after the children, even their education. I am so thankful for all that God has provided for me, a loving husband who sacrifices no end, a caring mother who looks after me and a caring mother in law looking after the children during the day during this difficult period. I guess everyone has a different journey and God works differently through different people for His good purpose.

Now, I am deeply touched again by support from my dear friend Cheng Yi who has started a baking campaign to channel all the proceeds from his baking for the first two weeks of September towards the fund raising for the Gendicine and HITV treatment! CY is also Nic's Godpa. Thank you so much Cheng Yi for all your hard work and sweat going to the funds!

I believe that this "Baking for Elizabeth Mah" campaign is a blessing from God through CY for your generosity. Well, I do imagine it that way. After all it is not always that when you give you also get a yummy delicious cake in return. :) 

If you or your friends or colleagues in PJ or KL are looking for a cake from the 1st to 14th September 2011, look no further but through CY. 

You can visit his blog to get his hp number and for the 6 variety of cakes he is baking during the campaign period. They are all very delicious eg you will find the durian cake richer than the durian fruit itself! The boozey/ virgin Spencer 4 seasons is really a boozey cake! Sigh, I have not tasted his cakes for two years now but I will one day soon. :)

The 6 varieties during this period are:
1. Boozey/Virgin Spencer 4 Seasons 
2. Tim's Nuts 
3. Durian Cheese Cake 
4. Oozey Caramel Chocolate Cake With Sea Salt 
5. Baked/Chilled Mars Bar 
6. Orange Poppy Seed Cake 

Do visit this link for the delectable photos and further details.


CY was also our matchmaker. Very very clever because I had no idea he was trying to match Henry and I together. It all seem very normal with party and a group of common friends gathering. Who would have thought he would hold a party specially so that Henry and I could get better acquainted! A group lunch would be easier eh? But CY would go all the way for his friends just like he is now. That is why he has become so close to our hearts. God uses him mightily in many many ways.

The total amount we have raised to date for the treatments fund since 18 August 2011 is about RM140k. Another RM110k to go! :) Praise the Lord who burdens the hearts of people to give! We just want to thank you all for your kindness and support. We look to God, our ultimate Healer who is in control of everything even in this baking campaign. Thank You Lord for everything!

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