Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Gazing at Jesus

Gazing at Jesus

My friend LP says I am courageous because I don't even go for ct scan. She was diagnosed with lung cancer stage 4 and recently discovered a new technology (well it has been around elsewhere for 30 years) called cyberknife and the procedure is offered in Beacon Hospital, PJ. For RM 50,000.

Anyway, I told her the courage came about because I truly believe that God will/ has heal(ed) me. Even at the point of weakness, I do feel discouraged but I simply cut of these thoughts and choose to look at Jesus. I then telll Him aloud all the promises He has for me, reading the many scriptures. Then, my soul will arise and I will then sing and praise God.

Yesterday, I told Henry "I can walk faster today". I think it took him a few seconds to register that comment because it is normal for healthy people to accelerate their pace. For me, I seem to be walking as slow as a tortoise. Even Karen Kerr noticed on family day and commented that it seems to take a lot from me to walk.  But my acceleration came about to me yesterday because energy has returned to my body! Praise the Lord for His continued healing upon me. I notice I can get out of the car quicker. So, today I decided to be careful not to overstrain myself with exercises because somehow I just judge my body wrongly and end up aching the next day which leads to weakness.

I pray for wisdom and just learn to observe my body better. LP taught me some qiqong steps today without the explanations and I noticed I've seen them before either through cd or through Aunt Kiki demonstrating to me. But i thank LP for demonstrating so that i can add more exercises to my routine. The one I can't agree with is the forming of 'qi' into a ball and putting the ball anywhere that needs healing. I would rather have the holy spirit as a ball of fire flowing through my body to repair all my damaged cells. Qi did not make the universe. God did and in Genesis 1:2, the bible says that the holy spirit was hovering (Hebrew rahapl) over the waters during creation.

Rahapl , means "to brood over, to hover with a gentle wavering or fluttering motion, as of a bird over her young." What a beautiful picture! God is about to bring into being every living thing and His Spirit hovers over the waters of creation as a mother cares for her children. C.F. Schultz wrote: "Over the lifeless and formless mass of the world-matter this Spirit broods like a bird on its nest, and thus transmits to it the seeds of life, so that afterwards by the word of God it can produce whatever God wills." (C.F. Schultz, "Old Testament Theology") 

What more the holy spirit flowing through us to quicken our mortal body! :)

Tomorrow, I am off on a trip with Elpizo members to the Farm in Seremban. Two days ago, I wasn't sure I could make it because I felt weak. Today, I am strong again. I really want to thank God for He is a loving and faithful God. He never let's me go each time I wait upon Him. I know it is very human to think logically on why and what when we feel a certain way and we panic and become anxious and take things into our hands to fix it. But I believe God so much and his verse in Proverbs 3:5-6 that says:

"Trust in the LORD with all your heart 
   and lean not on your own understanding; 
 in all your ways submit to him, 
   and he will make your paths straight."

I do get discouraged when the problem persist for days but I do not dwell upon it. I do not lean on my own understanding but just trust God in that circumstance. He has not let me down and I just want to praise God and glorify His name!

"Since ancient times, no-one has heard, no ear has perceived, no eye has seen any God besides You, who acts on behalf of those who wait for Him."
Isaiah 64:4, NIV


  1. Hi Liz,

    I have said before, my intention is to dish out only to the extent you can take in. I have noted, but have refrained from commenting, but now I feel it is appropriate to say a thing or two concerning engaging in such exercises as those related or pertained to Qigong or Yoga. For those tuning in, this is again, purely from my Christian belief perspective, and is applicable to Liz, for she too, is a Christian.

    According to 1 Tim 4:8, godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come, physical training which include exercises is of some value. Physical exercise of course is of some value, that is NOT disputed at all, and it is of value in our present life. But it must be subordinate to godliness in the life of a Christian, for godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both present life and the next.

    From the Christian perspective, there is definitely an understanding of a material world (our physical world) and a spiritual world (Eph 6:12, for eg points to that, and there are other verses). The spiritual world is of powers and forces, much of which we cannot handle well in our current state. Indeed there are paranormal powers from that world, including such things as supernatural healing, and all; and there are testimonies, many quite similar, WHILE THE GOING IS STILL GOOD, to those experienced by Christians (through the works of the Holy Spirit). Many are similar to NT and even OT recordings of signs and wonders and miracles we, Christians have.

    In the spiritual world, there are 2 camps, God's or Satan's. Degrees of supernatural powers can be found in both camps. Bible is with many accounts of powers with the evil camp. As a matter of godliness, we can only tap into God's camp. Tapping into the other camp, is ungodly. Not only that, it is highly dangerous. Furthermore, Satan is the great deceiver, and he fakes. It is only while the going is still good, that whatever other forms of tapping into the spiritual world, hold great promises and helpful; ultimately the Devil comes to steal, kill and destroy (John 10:10).

    I am NOT saying that concepts and notions in these other forms of tapping are all mumbo-jumbo, in fact many part-understandings are NOT wrong, but it is that, as Christians, we only tap into the spiritual through the Holy Spirit.

    A lot more can be said of the various forms of martial arts, and structured exercises, concerning their origins and connectedness to various religious beliefs, but I leave you to research on your own (or if you like, email me directly), for I wish NOT to offend your other non-Christian readers; but only to subscribe to 1 Tim 4:6, that as a good minister of Christ Jesus, I am to point these things to the brothers/sisters, including yourself.

    Stick to free-form exercises. Love, Anthony Chia

  2. Dear Liz,

    I have spoke to a consultant at the clinic in PJ that does the Cyberknife or 3D Radiosurgery. The size of the tumor must not exceed a certain size, depending what type of tumor it is. Also, each tumor removal costs RM50K, meaning like me, if I have my 42 tumors removed, it would costs RM2.1 million! Anyway, the consultant told me that they would normally recommend the patient to take out only the largest tumor.

    I read with interest about Anthony Chia's comments about Qigong and Yoga. Qigong in essence is energy therapy. I would like to share something from Dr Bradle Nelson, author of The Emotion Code who also happens to be a Christian. In his book, he said "This great secret has to do with the modern discovery of the intelligent nature of subatomic particles, or the intelligence nature of energy."

    On Pg 102, Dr Nelson wrote "Jesus Christ is still known as the greatest healer of all
    time, as he routinely healed the blind and crippled, and even raised the dead. His first miracle, though not about healing, dramatically demonstrates the concept of intelligent energy.

    Jesus was with his disciples at a wedding where the host ran out of wine, a terrible faux pas in those days. Jesus directed the servants to fill some large vessels with water, which he then turned to wine to the astonishment of all those present. I believe that Jesus simply told the water to become wine, and it simply obeyed his word. But I believe it worked because the
    water itself was intelligent, and therefore able to obey Christ’s command ( John 2:1-11, KJV)." In fact he got more stories from the Bible supporting the use of energy as therapy in his book.

    I can't say much about Yoga or other forms of martial art but from what little I know about Qigong, it's just energy healing in whatever form you want to call it. Sometimes we see the physical rituals and interpret it accordingly. I just gave you another interpretation of what another Christian would of energy. But I would like to leave you with this message (pg. 106 of the book):

    Your Belief That You Can Do It
    + Your Gratitude To God That You Are Doing It
    = The Results You Want To Obtain

    This post is not intended to offend anyone but to offer another view.

  3. Dear Liz,

    Allow me to make another point about the "Qi did not make the universe. God did and in Genesis 1:2, the bible says that the holy spirit was hovering (Hebrew rahapl) over the waters during creation."

    According to the Bible, God created this world. In doing so, He create the plants, herbs, minerals, water, sunshine, energy (which is also called qi in Mandarin), etc.

    In Qigong, qi or energy is found in abundance in the universe. In a more scientific analysis, we use an example of the back of your hand. Dr Nelson explains very well in his Emotional Code book and I quote "Take a look at it. Your eyes see the surface of your skin with its wrinkles, fingernails and little hairs. You know exactly how the back of your hand looks from that perspective. But if you magnify your hand under a microscope, you won’t see the same skin and creases you’ve become so familiar with.

    Instead, you might think you are looking at the surface of a strange planet, covered with hills and valleys. Turn up the power on your microscope, magnifying your skin 20,000 times, and you’ll see a field of swarming cells. Magnify it a lot more and you’ll see
    molecules. Magnify those molecules and you’ll see the atoms that make up those molecules. Magnify those atoms and you’ll see the subatomic energy clouds that make up those atoms- the electrons, the protons, the neutrons and other subatomic particles. It’s still the
    back of your hand, but it looks nothing like the hand you know.

    If you glance at it now, your hand looks solid. Slap it down on the table and it makes a nice, substantial thud. Your hand may seem solid, but there’s actually a lot of empty space there. At the subatomic level, there are vast distances between each spinning electron. Atoms are 99.99999999% empty space. Your hand is 99.99999999% empty space! If you could remove all the empty space from the atoms in your hand, it would become so small you would need a microscope to see it! It would virtually disappear, although it would still weigh the same and contain the same number of atoms.

    It might take a moment to comprehend this idea. Your hand seems solid, but it is made of dynamic energy, in constant vibration. In fact, physicists now understand that the so-called “subatomic particles” which make up the atom are not really particles at all. They measure
    the contents of the atom in “energy units” instead, because it’s so much more accurate."

    So, basically all solid matters can be reduced to energy! It so happens that non believers (Chinese) happens to discover qi first (which was first mentioned in Traditional Chinese Medicine books more than 2,500 years ago) should not make it less "Christian" because if you believe in the Bible, then this qi was created by God. What you are doing is just using this qi to heal your body just as you would take nutrition from plants to heal your body.

    I hope with this explanation, you will feel at ease to use qi to heal yourself.

    On a quick end note, the same applies to your post "Nutrition or God" which you posted in Feb 2010. There should not be any doubt that non-believers are better or wiser than God and you don't have to prove any point. If God did not create the plants, vegetables and minerals, would the non-believers be able to survive their cancer treatment? The answer is clear.

    What we non believers think is not important.

  4. Hi Chang,

    As I have said many part-understandings are NOT wrong, meaning there are NOT incongruent with the Word, in the individual parts, but many "overall" understandings are different. I will NOT comment anything more than this, of your entries.

    Chang, I am a fully qualified Accountant, but I was a Science student, and a pretty good one at it up to "A" levels, scoring "A" for both Biology and Chemistry, and I had aspired in the past, to be a medical doctor. I do apply a scientific mind on, even spiritual matters, but definitely spiritual matters are larger than what can be perceived from a scientific mind alone. I will be putting up an article towards the end of next week, where you can see I apply scientific understanding on the faith, even as I go beyond a scientific mindset. My blog site link is on Liz's "My Blog List" on the right panel.

    May the Spirit of God, and only the Spirit of God brood over both of you, CT Chang and Liz, that his life-giving essence be granted unto you, bringing you health and vitality, in your spirit, soul and body. Amen. With Love, Anthony Chia.

  5. You mentioned the transliterated Hebrew verb, -rahapl-, in regard to Gen. 1:2, but that is not the word I am seeing either online or in my BHS-W4 (Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia). The Hebrew verb I see is -merachafet- (transliterated), which indeed indicates a “fluttering, hovering or floating,” that is not necessarily tied to a bird brooding over her young. Am I missing something here?