Monday, August 22, 2011

Triumphant Entry - Elephant sighted! Twice!

Triumphant entry - Elephant sighted! Twice!

I sometimes look at the sky to look for a cloud elephant formation as a  sign from God that healing is just round the corner. No matter how hard I look, I just cannot spot one.

It is about phase three of a beautiful dream I had quite some time ago. Phase three has a blue floating elephant ( giant balloon) followed by a variety of beautiful birds in the sky in a parade. I sensed God telling me that the elephant signifies triumphant entry, victory over cancer and the variety of birds signifies the many blessings poured out from God to me and my family.

I hold on to God's promises in the bible and to this dream.

So, I was really surprised and excited when I saw a 3D elephant floating in the sky (formation of cloud) on Saturday morning as we drove down to Port Dickson. It quickly changed shape but long enough for me to admire it and be in awe. Since it changed so fast, doubt started to seep in. Still, I claimed this dream again and thanked God that healing is round the corner. With the unfolding of events, this is another confirmation that this treatment that God blessed me with is the correct direction to take. The next day, driving home from Port Dickson, I saw another elephant in the sky and this time I showed Henry! Praise the Lord. God knew I was in doubt so he sent another one to show me that healing is just round the corner!

Of late, the following bible verse has been very close to my heart. It was given to me at the beginning of this journey and I remember I was so happy to receive it and then I realized that his timing is not my timing. What I think is around the corner is not the same as God's so I started asking for a sign in the sky so that I know when victory will manifest in the physical realm too.

Isaiah 58:8
Then your light will break forth like the dawn, and your healing will quickly appear; then your righteousness will go before you, and the glory of the LORD will be your rear guard.

Thank you Lord! Thank you for your confirmation. I claim that your healing for me is round the corner!  Some are beginning to put doubts in my mind now but my trust is in You and not based on my own understanding. I know Your ways are supernatural so I just place all my trust in You, Lord. I know the pet scan postponement for the second time o Lord is the work of the devil. I bind and break all work of darkness assigned to us in Jesus' name. It has no power no dominance over us. We pray for Your angels to encamp around and about us and the hospital staff at SJMC and Prince Court to give us a new date and to also help them solve their problems. I claim your promise O Lord that You who is in us is greater that the evil out there. No weapon formed against us shall prosper for we are all worshippers of God and we are Your children. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

Right after the news of the wrong calibration of the pet scan machine at Prince Court, Henry and I prayed together and I wrote the above. Henry also sent out SMSes to our bible study group to pray for us. While he was smsing, I was on the phone with SJMC that they have a slot for us at 11 am on Tuesday, tomorrow! The radiographer told me to fast 5 hours and the procedure would take 4 hours. Praise the Lord! God's mighty mighty hand is upon us indeed! Thank u Lord! Thank u Lord! I love You soooooooo much!

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