Thursday, August 18, 2011

Update - pet scan, funds

The pet scan scheduled for Friday has been postponed to Tuesday next week because the facilitiwas are not available for tomorrow. Everything in God's timing. I was feeling weak today but I am blessed coz mummy came to look after me and cook for me and juice for me. My dad came to visit me too. Praise the Lord! We talked a lot about bhuddism and Christianity. Energy vs God's words. It is good that we can share with each other. What surprised me that despite it all, my dad said he learned a lot from me. What? Wow! How? I pray somehow the holy spirit is working within my dad and dad can experience God's love personally.

The funds are slowly flowing in from Irene's friend and from my relatives. Also, we are so touched that Henry's Singapore friends said they will try to get in touch with his ex colleagues and ex classmates to raise funds. It did not even occur to us of this channel! Praise the Lord!

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