Monday, August 29, 2011

Update - P 53 Gendicine treatment #2

Update - P53 Gendicine treatment #2

Early yesterday morning, before the treatment, I was feeling rather discouraged, so much so as I talked to God, I shed tears, crying out to Abba Father. I have been amazed that of late I have not been crying and I thought I must be growing up or something, trusting Him more and more.

I was feeling rather weak. Even after a shower, it takes me so long to dress up. Just to put my legs into the pants is difficult especially my left leg. I have to physically lift my leg to put into the pants. I walk so slow. I have little strength to put the plates into the sink so I just leave it on the table and mummy clears it away for me. What would I do without mummy presently. I heard J from HK, someone who knows a lot about Gendicine, wanted to meet me at Heartscan and maybe even snap a picture of me. I thought maybe she wanted a "before" shot to report back. Feeling weak, I wasn't looking forward to chit chat.

But I was wrong. She came with K and they were both angels sent by God to encourage me at just the right time. Throughout this journey, I notice that God never allows me to go into a deep state of despair and always rescues me. :) Yesterday was one of those days!

I asked her questions on the procedure of injecting directly to the tumour. Now I know that it is not directly to the tumour per se but to the artery of the organ eg liver and lungs. Where the disease has gone to too many organs it is best to be dripped intravenously. Only, when I am stronger, can they inject "directly" through the artery. Also, I can't start HITV so soon because if tomography is done to my liver, it may be too traumatic for me from the bleeding of the liver due to the procedure on a big size of tumor.

That was quite depressing news but I said " Well, God will help me". It was then the conversation changed and both J and K started sharing their own personal experiences with Jesus. She was previously a bhuddist and K's grandpa was previously a very staunch bhuddist until his grandma shared her experience with Jesus with her husband. They were such encouraging sharings and then I realized how great God's perfect timing was.  When they left, I felt such peace. God has His own timing to deliver us, to heal us and that timing is always the BEST for us. So, I should not be discouraged even though I can see with my own eyes the deterioration in me as though the first treatment did nothing to me.

Psalm 112: 7,8

"They ( the righteous)  will have no fear of bad news; 
   their hearts are steadfast, trusting in the LORD. 
Their hearts are secure, they will have no fear; 
   in the end they will look in triumph on their foes. "

J explained that P53, a gene, is placed together with a virus as a vector to locate the cancer cells and to change cancer cells back to normal cells. That is a lay man explanation. :)

During the treatment yesterday, I felt good immediately partly because of the pain killer, voltran. My voice immediately grew stronger. When I walked, it was faster but I can still feel my weak body as if being held up by some drug.

Towards evening, I felt the drug wearing off and a headache developing. That was the same previously. Headache came on faster this round coz the treatment was in late morning this round. By 8 pm, I took one arcoxia and hit the sack. But an hour later, I was still in pain. When I cough, the shoulder muscles and ribs were hurting. The headache was still there. Feeling frustrated, I popped 2 panadols. Half hour later I came downstairs and declared to Henry no more pain, no more headache! Yayy! Praise the Lord!

At 4 am, I woke up alert, still pain free and strong. Last night I felt too weak to even throw away the e excel used beverage foils into the bin! At 4 am, I washed some plates from last night, cleaned up the larder and even prepared the sardine mix for this morning's breakfast for the family! The whole time i was standing. Praise the Lord! What a miracle! Of course, I keep thinking it could be the drug still working on me but I recall that the arcoxia did not work earlier and panadols don't last so long.

So strong I felt, I suggested to Henry this morning to watch a movie today! We're off to watch "Cowboy vs Aliens" soon. Yesterday morning, as I talked to God, I did ask for Him to renew my strength and let me soar like wings on an eagle. I asked for strength to return on 31 August 2011. But God gave me abundantly more than I asked for. How great is our God! He is a prayer answering God. Thank You Lord that you returned my strength today, a day before Merdeka Day! Thank You Lord for everything! :)

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