Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Update- pet scan results

Update - Pet Scan Results

The pet scan has both good and bad news. Amazingly the mestateses on the left lung is mostly gone and are inactive. At least on the pet scan, i don't see any bright light. No wonder my cough has reduced so much and even though i do deep breathing i don't cough anymore. Still, i really need to increase my deep breathing to get more oxygen in.

 However, the  right lung tumour has grown much about half the lung. It might have grown much and then now going down. I don't know. The report says the treatment is working on me. I laughed.  I am not even under SJMC treatment since January so how does thier invisible treatment help? So it is  God working through  either low dose naltrexone, stem tech pills or one month of solamargine or all.

The tumour in the liver also increased, they are also in pelvis and vertebrae but thwt was previoisly there. So praise God the treatment of P53 Gendicine begins tomorrow. The doctor at Heartscan is  now not so optimistic but God just wants to show us that it is a His miracle using through the drug. If not everyone would just say "neh, it is not God but the very expensive treatments".

My friend's dad, DDW, who is helping us raise funds was so encouraging. He told us to go ahead and do it even if there is 1% chance because God wants me to be a great testimony of Him to everyone.

Dr Beh wants me to do P53 for a month before another pet scan (groan) and meanwhile he would discuss with the famous Japanese doctor for this technology on whether to start both simultaneously which was the original plan.

I assured him that God is with us and he will see a miracle. There was such peace in my heart, even Henry's for the first time. It is much worse than when the journey began but for the first time I have no more doubts. I claimed Isaiah 7 where He promised me that this cancer will not rise up, it will not take place and it will be too shattered. I claim the two elephants I saw in the sky, His promise for victory over cancer. The elephant in front of the third parade of birds trumpeting victory! This is phase 3 for me.

Psalm 31:7

"Let me not be ashamed, O LORD; for I have called upon thee: let the wicked be ashamed, and let them be silent in the grave"

I am not afraid. He will not put ,e to shame. The battle belongs to the Lord. I remember my first "lion" of what He did with one Tarceva, taking all my aches and pains away. Dr Beh said i look better than the results. It must be my high threshhold of pain and Henry quickly commented i have in fact low threshhold of pain. I told doc i do not like injections! The pain is more like discomfort and it is a miracle that i oly need 2 panadols to wipe the discomfort away for the day! 

I remember my second "lion" when I wept and I heard His will for me through Mrs Gong's sermon and words to me at Elpizo that He was going to use me and shortly after that the scan showed further reduction of tumours. 

When I went back to work in January this year, He was truly displeased with me in January and tumours increased. 

This is now my next battle. I remember my previous "lions"  (David's  victory over the lions that attacked his sheep) and I claim all His promises He has given me. And now, I sling God's promises to the cancer and it doesn't matter where I aim (just like David to Goliath) because it is God that will the direct the rock (His words) at the spirit of cancer!

I just want to thank God most of all for such a loving supportive husband. He surprised  me that day when he called me his heroine and inspiration. :) I never thought my way like that. God's chosen hubby for us is always the best. It took me 8 months crying and waiting upon the Lord for a husband when I became a born again Christian. It was a terribly long time since I lived such a different life before.

Thank You Lord for your overwhelming love for me and overwhelming support from my family, ex colleagues (both Henry's and mine), friends and total strangers. Thank You for my guardian angel DDW!

I thank You Jesus that You took my infirmities and bore my sicknesses 2000 years ago and I need not bear it any longer. I will LIVE and not die but declare Your wondrous works. That is Your calling for me and as a family, the real prayer You wanted me to pray all along.

Thank You Lord for everything!

The P53 treatment starts tomorrow at 1.30 pm. They will inject it intravenously and not directly to the lung tumour as planned because it is too big. That is the doctor's reservation but let us see God's hand enfold together. Please pray with us. Please pray also for my left pelvic area. I can't seem to lift my knee up while in a sitting position so i have to use my hand to lift it up. I still can walk. Thank you all so much. :)


  1. Hi Hiz,

    Did not remember you shared previously on the tumour in the liver and pelvis. In any case, it is good you share about it in this post, so that in our prayer, we will cover those, as well.

    Take courage, God is near,
    Anthony Chia

  2. I think it was dated back in the beginning of the journey in 2009 but since no pain I always sway I am cancer free. Now I have difficulty lifting my knee in sitting position so praying that the treatment will address just like my first lion that removed all pain w just one Tarceva! :)