Thursday, December 10, 2009

Chilling out at Genting Highlands

The pub area with pool table and high stools and tables
The big pool. There is also a baby pool next door.

View from the pub area. The newly installed futsal court

View from Genting Permai Resort

Think of Genting Highlands and one would naturally think of casinos, theme parks, a city of entertainment. My mum loves her hideaway in Genting but none for the reasons I mentioned above. I was thrilled I could spend a night at her “hideaway”. It’s a studio apartment with everything you need, self sufficient, even a little garden patch with fresh vegetables ready to be plucked! It’s a home away from home.

When we arrived at 9 am on Tuesday morning, the mist was still surrounding the apartment but shortly after the sun came out and it was cool and sunny. I can hear the gushing waters from a nearby stream in the jungle right in front of us. I was pleasantly surprised by a “show of the jungle” by 2 species of monkeys, one grey, the other black with mighty big round eyes; and a family of squirrels prancing atop the canopy of trees. They’re that light!

By night fall, the cricket sounds added crescendo to the already playing instrumental music my mum was playing. “It’s amazing how nature can still complement the orchestra” I told my mum. It was getting cold by night and I had to wear two layers of T shirts and socks! I think it’s also because I’ve lost so much weight I can afford to layer the clothes on to feel warm. Also, layering is in fashion these days so I get to enjoy that aspect of fashion. Ha ha.

No need for fans although I did long for television. The next time I go up again with the kids I am lugging up the TV. There’s just so much of solitude I can have. I need entertainment!

If I regained my strength, the ultimate Genting experience would be a mixture of my mum’s hideaway, a sumptuous eat-out at Goh Tong Jaya nearby, a hop to the nearby cable car station that takes us right up to the city of entertainment and sip coffee and have a piece of cake at Starbucks while the kids have fun at the themepark. Neither Nicholas or Ethan has been to the outdoor Themepark as the minimum height requirement is 122cm. Ethan is still not tall enough but finally, Nicholas is tall enough to enter the outdoor Themepark! Yay!

I took some shots of the apartment. It’s actually a cool chill out place for a group of friends, maybe 10 to 15. Rent two studio apartments for RM150 each, and squeeze everyone in with sleeping beds and all. The reward is that you can party during the day with swimming, futsal and playing pool. They have this great look out area where you can have a drink and play pool and it overlooks the futsal court and the swimming pool. It’s really such a shame that not many people are aware of this and what more, it is a brand NEW futsal court! So you can actually have a bit of sports without sucking in the pollution at the peak and still go up to the peak just to enjoy the cable car ride and all.

A very hard working group of residence at the Genting Permai Resort have fought hard (with legal battles and all) to ensure maintenance of its surroundings but in order to do that the new management committee would also need to promote hospitality as a source of income for the resort. They have a website where you can check out more at

So, that’s my mum’s little hideaway getaway place. I can see why she loves it so much and the next time I go there I hope more people will go up with me! The more the merrier! And no stiff necks please…

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  1. Wah! I would love to go with you there! Count me in the next time you plan to go. lol :) *HUGS*