Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tasting God’s Goodness – First Baptist Church’s Christmas Play

After such an eventful week and also just recalling all of His goodness to me for healing me and to my family throughout this journey, it was not a surprise I started to cry watching FBC’s Christmas play entitled “Tasting God’s Goodness”! When King Wai told me he was going to put together bible characters like Martha, Mary, Lazarus, the tax collector, the lady with the blood issue, the blind man that could see again, I was quite doubtful how it would all turn out. What if it turned out to be “Rojak” (all mixed up)?

King Wai told me the script came to him very easily, definitely inspired by the holy spirit right down to the name of the play!

It turned out to be a rather brilliant play though the sound system could be further improved. A clever play of characters from the bible in a modern setting but set during Jesus’ time when He was still alive yet cleverly not showing Jesus as that would take the focus away from the audience when they start comparing Jesus. It was very focused on tasting God’s goodness right down to the songs chosen which sang of His goodness, His grace and resting in Him. What made it more credible compared to mere acting was that the testimonies are all true testimonies from these bible characters who lived many years ago. And it climaxed with much rejoicing with "High School Musical" like dance moves that had me thinking who the choreographer was. Clever. A very good ending indeed! It was also good to see so much young talent. I really believe something big is going to happen in our church! Ah, but there's much repenting to do too. I pray all evil will be exposed in Jesus' name!

But the part I cried was when the beggar boy, Ronnie, accepted Jesus and followed Him. He had almost the same complaint of Jesus compared with a girlfriend of mine just a few days ago. Ronnie’s complaint was “What can Jesus do for me. I have to go out and beg and fend for myself. If Jesus is real, why is there still so much suffering in the world”. The answer is because our world is so messed up. But that’s why He came to rescue us and all of us are living testimonies of His miracles in our lives and we are all tasting His goodness DESPITE the messed up world we live in.

My girlfriend said “I refuse to believe that God who is supposed to be loving can prepare a place of hell for people. I just don’t buy into your concept of God”. I told her that is the way God is. He is all loving, He only wants what’s best for us. He wants to give us everything. He wants to do it all for us. He wants us to rest in Him. But if we reject Him, we go to hell. She said she would wait and see later when it comes. I felt so sad for her I just said I would pray for her.

In the Christmas play, that was what these group of believers did for Ronnie, the beggar. They prayed that God would give Ronnie the wisdom and understanding to accept Him as Lord and Savior. That too is my prayer for my girlfriend that God might open the eyes of her heart to see Jesus once again and to experience His love and grace all over again. I felt sad that she could not see Jesus working in my life and His miracle upon me. But the Christmas play gave me hope that as long as we pray and intercede and love them because Christ’ love compels us, then there is hope that she and my other family and friends will return to Jesus one day. On a good day, I thank God for their salvation as I pray in faith and believe in Jesus’ finished work that they will receive His gift of grace.

History channel 555 is currently showing the “Seven Signs of Apocalypse” . It reports that scientists agree that there are cumulating evidence that what is foretold in the bible thousands of years ago will happen. It is just a matter of when and scientist says it is nearer than we think. They talked about warming climate, possible of gamma rays changing the chemistry of the sky blocking the sun out and possibility of red tide coming turning our oceans to blood.

Whether we like it or not, God is who He says He is. And He brings all this calamities as a last warning before the coming of Christ and Judgment day so that more will be saved. That is how much God loves us. He is not evil. All in Him is good. It is without His protection that we will face eternal fire because He is a Holy God and all sin must be punished unless we believe that all our sin has been nailed on Jesus, that Jesus is the son of God, that He rose again and that He is our Lord and Savior. That is all He wants of us - a relationship with us.

I continue to bask in God’s love and taste of His God’s goodness and pray for the salvation of my friends and family to enjoy the same when they know Him.

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