Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Magic Wrappings

Hey Sue! That's wonderful. I didn't know some doodling and some reasoning can turn out to be a christmas story for the kids. It's because God has gifted you in story telling that something so simple can become so alive in your imagination! :)

Since you are about to share the story and I will certainly pray for you, I want to share with all of you the "magic wrappings". In my haste of sharing the drawing, I forgot to tell you I found it quite amazing that these christmas wrappings once opened seems to rewrap itself again after awhile!

That has certainly been my journey and maybe some of you have gotten the bigger picture but for me, I seem to be on this journey of rediscovering grace, righteousness and all the benefits from these gifts that God has given to me. And this rediscovery seems to take place almost everyday and it's like when I turn away too long, the presents get rewrapped again!

Then, it occurred to me these christmas gifts are there for all of us to receive. Yet, if we fail to open it, we will never know or experience what God has graciously given to each of us out of His love for us. Even if we open them, like most of us christians, if we fail to enjoy the gift and walk away instead and doing our own stuff e.g. doing good, trying to be obedient to the law, do charity, do God's work (as "dead works" rather than good works), then we miss out on His gifts to us and magically, the gifts get rewrapped again and neatly arranged again under the tree!

God is always there for us. He has His best interest for us. He loves us so much. He gave us all these gifts so that He can do all for us, so that we can just relax and enjoy His love and providence. That's how we were made to be, that's why He created us - to have a relationship with us. We just need to reach out and receive the gifts, open the gifts and savour them for the rest of our lives.

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  1. dear beautiful bunny, you wont believe this....but then come to think of it, what is so unbelievable? God is sovereign...! I have prepared the story and the last part is about us having to OPEN up the gift from God. If we don't open it, how can we enjoy it? So truly, I believe that this story God gave to me to share, and it is confirmed through you. It's so wonderful that God speaks to us this way. I can't thank God enough for His goodness....