Monday, December 28, 2009

Tasting God’s Goodness – Twas the Night before Christmas

Well, actually it was the DAY before Christmas, a day after returning from Port Dickson. Ethan woke up early in the morning and started having vomiting bouts. After the fourth round of vomit, I started getting anxious and took Ethan to see a doctor. The doctor said it he had a bit of phlegm in the chest but nothing to worry about and he had a bit of redness in the throat.

Oh no, it sounds really bad to me as Ethan has a history of respiratory problem. The doctor recommended antibiotics which I wasn’t too keen on. Still, it was doctor’s advise. Why see a doctor if you don’t trust him. Doctor said it could be the sea air. How can sea air be bad for you?

I decided to hold back the antibiotics till Henry returns and decide then whether to give. Even the anti vomit did not work because half an hour later he started to vomit again. Oh no, I started panicking and changed my mind and gave him his first dose of antibiotics. An hour later, he vomited again. Looks like even the antibiotics did not work!

Then, I realized I had not turn to God and I was panicking the whole morning. Ever since the beginning of my journey, I’ve begun to turn to God as my family’s healer in all sicknesses ranging from sniffles to yes, cancer and we have tasted His goodness as we see Him heal us, often times really quickly, other times longer but without medication.

Ultimately, we acknowledge God first before our next action. Or we say a prayer before popping any medication. That Christmas eve morning, I forgot to acknowledge God first but thankfully, I turned to Him - sigh - only because the medication did not seem to do anything to improve Ethan’s condition. But I repent and turned to Him once again.

When Henry returned, he assessed the situation and I asked Henry “Can we trust God to heal Ethan without the antibiotics?”. Once I heard “Yes”, I felt God’s peace fall upon me. Ethan still continued to vomit the whole day and night but the period between vomits seemed to be getting longer and longer.

We prayed over Ethan every chance we could and also before bedtime.

The next morning Ethan sat up on bed and said “I’m better already”. Praise the Lord! “Ethan, say thank you to Jesus!” I asked Ethan. I wasn’t sure whether it was for real but I just went with the flow. Ethan explained in his own little way of what happened, “Yesterday, the devil made me vomit. Then Jesus came and kick kick kick the devil away- no more vomit”. I was so touched when he said that and I started to believe it is for real.

“Surely He will save us from the fowler’s snare” Psalm 91

And surely indeed, the whole family went to church on Christmas day, Nic in a sling, Ethan free from vomit and we all watched the Christmas play directed by King Wai “Tasting God’s Goodness”.

Praise the Lord! He truly is our Healer and Provider in every way. We only need to trust in Him and He will pull us out of the pit no matter what the sickness is – big or small! That's because God is mighty. To Him there is no such thing as a big or small problem. We are mere human beings. His ways are not our ways and His thoughts are not our thoughts.

Praise God. All honour, glory and power belongs to our God!

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