Monday, December 28, 2009

Tasting God’s Goodness – Evil Seeped in on Christmas Day

Evil Seeped in on Christmas Day but it had no power no dominion over us. There was a small miscommunication between Henry and I but it was enough to cause downcast within the family during Christmas lunch and dinner. Now, I can feel the despair that many couples experience in troubled marriages whilst putting on happy faces for the children and really, trying to enjoy ourselves but only to a certain level. Deep within, our hearts are troubled. Thankfully, with the power of the Holy Spirit, I guessed correctly what was troubling Henry. Then I tried coaxing him to talk about it. It is a sense of “no way out of a problem” but really that is only perception from a human mind. There is NOTHING that cannot be discussed especially with the help of our great big God. To hold something in our hearts when we could discuss about it in a gentle manner would only fester and we are giving a foothold to the devil to make the problem grow bigger and bigger everyday. That is how it all begins. That's how the devil wants us to react. But I really thank God it was resolved before bed time and I communicated the same to Henry the next day. Then, I felt peace return to my family. It was a close call. Evil seeped into my family on Christmas day but “God who is in us in greater than He who is in this world”. I could feel the love, joy and peace again this Christmas. Thank you Lord Jesus for giving us all we ever need. Truly, the answer to all our problems lies in You.

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