Monday, December 28, 2009

Tasting God's goodness - Rainbow Over Our Home

Rainbow over our home shot by Nic

Last last Sunday on 20 December 2009, we were driving home when Henry noticed a rainbow in the sky and quickly asked Nic to look at it because that is God’s promise that He will never again flood the earth.

Rainbows are always breathtaking to me but Nic sort of scolded God because it wasn’t a full rainbow. It was probably only one third of a rainbow. He wanted to see a beautiful full rainbow. I rolled my eyes and told Nic to pray because God always seem to answer his prayers. We led Nic into prayer “Father God, please show me a beautiful full rainbow. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.”

We were almost reaching home about 3 km later after praying when suddenly, right before our very eyes was a beautiful full rainbow in the sky and right above our home as well! “Nic! Look! God answered your prayers yet again! He loves you so much and wants to show himself so real to you.” Nic said, “Thank you Jesus”.

I did not think that God would answer Nic’s prayers so quickly. I thought maybe the next day or something but that day He showed me again how much He loves Nic. Truly God loves us all very much and when we turn to Him and fellowship with Him daily these are the surprises we can expect – two beautiful rainbows in a day!

Thank you Jesus!

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