Monday, December 28, 2009

Tasting God’s goodness – Devil meant it for evil but God intended it for good

Genesis 50:20
"You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good”.

Our Christmas holiday with the family was spent at Thistle Port Dickson Hotel. I highly recommend this place.

It is the old Guoman. They just rebranded it to the UK Thistle brand and it is still managed by Hong Leong. Henry says that the new Cumulus pub near the beach reminds him of Bali. They have a beautiful overflowing pool overlooking the beach. And they were playing “Angel Voices” by St Philips Boys’ Choir (they are the publicly performing boys section of St. Philip's Church choir from South London , That is a magical combination of luxury on elegant rattan chairs by the pool, beautiful view of the sea and heavenly music! What more, at a fraction of a price- no need to fly to Bali!

The Cumulus pub area is meant for adults only. The pub looks brand new and they were busy setting out the furniture and putting up Christmas decorations that they did not mind Nic and Henry swimming in this overflowing pool by the beach while Ethan, my mum and I were designing our very own castle.

We were really contented with the abundance of pool everywhere, so much ground to run around. The hotel is very well maintained. They even built a new “Mushroom Rain Fountain“ as Ethan calls it. And this new water feature which has a slide going down to a baby pool would be Ethan’s fixed play area (other than the beach) for the full 3 days that we were there! He just could not get enough of it.

So everyone hit the sack after an enjoyable but tiring day. Lights out – we were all fast asleep. Suddenly, there were sounds of party revelry next door. They were loud. We could hear them as they were talking from their balcony as well. Henry said the corridor was wreaking of alcohol. He made 3 complaints to the management and finally a lady offered to change our rooms to another wing far far away from all the din. When Henry found out it was a smoking room his face grew even darker and she pacified him to check out the place first before commenting.

All this transpired when the rest of the family was fast asleep. Finally, when Henry said we were changing rooms, we had to carry the sleeping boys and pack all our bags in a jiffy! What a nightmare but as we entered the new room at the highest floor, Nic opened his eyes and said “Wow” and went back to sleep.

Indeed, it was a beautiful room, obviously upgraded to a more luxurious room. The TV is now flat screen. The headboard is more elegant. We now have glasses to hold our toothbrushes! The furniture is newer. But the best of all, we now have a central view of the pool and the sea beyond! Previously we only had side view of the garden. Later, we found out that we were actually upgraded from a standard King room to a deluxe King room!

Praise God! Really, I would not believe that our Abba Father would give us such a beautiful holiday only to spoil it with a rowdy crowd next door that night. This is not just God but Abba Father who loves us whom we call "Daddy".

So what the devil meant for evil to disturb our peace and fun, God meant it for good as we reaped even greater blessing when we woke up the next morning to a beautiful view of the pool, sea and room!

Thank you Abba Father for your blessings upon us.

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