Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dear Doreen and Claire

I'm a kor kor now. Meet my twin cousins.
Move it! move it! move it!

Dear Doreen and Claire,

I miss you guys so much. Do try to email me when you get a chance at chochot7@gmail.com because I've lost all your contacts and after our call, I've wanted so much to chat with you again. I pray that God will keep you both well, in good health and all is well with you. Little Ethan is very boisterous these days and when he runs towards you and gives you a hug, you may fall backwards because he comes running with such force!

In his recent school concert, he gave such a gusto performance you can almost see the flesh on his chest whopping up and down! He was actually very sleepy by 5 pm but after some prompting from me he suddenly sprung alive from his state of zombieness. Quite amazing!

He's grown much taller now and is no longer the baby of the family. He stands taller than his younger cousins and he has been blessed with so many other cousins, more than 20, I believe. What a big family!

I do pray we will be able to meet again soon, maybe when you return for chinese new year? Do continue with your walk with Jesus and keep talking to Him! He loves you and Claire very much. Blessed Christmas!

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