Monday, December 28, 2009

Tasting God’s Goodness- There were angels all around

On our second day at Thistle Port Dickson, 22 December 2009, the kids were still splashing away in the pool and my castle skills were improving even with limited tools. I was beginning to get the chills after only a day of exposure. Sigh. So, I decided to listen to my body and leave the care of children to Henry. It’s so wonderful to have my mum with us as screams of “Grandma” can be heard all the time and she would patiently shred salad and slice apples for me over and above oats or sandwiches that I eat at the hotel. I am really blessed!

They even have a movie room, all carpeted. The kids managed to catch “Tom and Jerry” and “Captain America”. Ethan took a fancy of drinking his milk while watching movie in darkness.
Anyway, by 5.30pm while I was taking a nap, a screaming Nic came upstairs with Ethan and Henry. He hurt his arm during a fall from a monkey bar. He must have fallen awkwardly and either twisted or fractured his arm. We decided to take him for an x ray to be safe. We laid hands on Nic and prayed for him while he was screaming away. Also, while Henry took Nic to the clinic, I quickly smsed to my home group to pray for Nic.

Henry and Nic were caught in a jam (in Port Dickson!) and he said they were heading to a hospital instead. Later, he related to me that there seem to be angels all around as everything went very smoothly. A hotel staff had compassion on Nic and decided to follow Henry to help guide them. Unfortunate, he was later reprimanded for following Henry and someone came by the hospital to fetch him back to the hotel. The person manning the x ray had to be call back to the hospital but even he showed up pretty fast. The doctor then confirmed it was a mere soft tissue injury and there was no fracture. Nic was given a sling and some pain killers. All in all, the x ray, consultation and medicine cost only RM1. Praise the Lord!

It really makes a difference when we stand in the gap and pray for others. Again, there will be a flurry of activities in the spiritual realm and battles are won when we intercede! Thank you home group for praying for Nic. Nic’s sling came off on 26 December 2009 when he discovered he could lift his arm without pain. Praise God for rescuing Nic and sending His angels to encamp around and about Nic and Henry that day!

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