Thursday, December 10, 2009

It's Really Beginning to Look Like Christmas

I had so much fun yesterday. Even in the midst of a stiff neck I managed to drive out to do some christmas shopping, wrapped some presents, baked a cake and to top it off - I managed to create this manger scene from scraps of cardboard and colored paper and toys from a nativity set and placed them on the Orange sour cream poppy seed cake (recipe compliments from Cheng Yi). Can't wait for bible study tonight to surprise them all with this cake. The normal pagan christmas scene would include dusting of snow on the cake but since this is the REAL meaning of christmas, this is how one should sell cakes out in bakery shops.

A humble cake depicting our humble King - Jesus Christ our Lord!

If you want to make your own manger on your cake, check out this website where I received my inspiration:

It's really beginning to look like Christmas...

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  1. very r turning into a baker and card marker! :)