Monday, December 28, 2009

Update – God’s Goodness after the Attack

It has been a great Christmas week and I feel strong and energetic today. Like what Ps Joseph Prince said in one of his sermons - when the spiritual attack is great, we can expect even greater blessings from God. The devil senses something good is about to happen and they try to block the angels at work. There is a flurry of activities in the heavenlies. I must say it was the longest “attack” about 2-3 weeks i.e. ever since my holiday in Singapore on 16 November 2009 right up to a week after my Genting trip. It started with fever and more fever the following week during VBS week and feeling the lack of energy climaxing in a stiff neck during my Genting holiday.

So far in this entire journey, severe pain of diarrhea for me has lasted a maximum of 2 days and when some of you interceded for me, it went away. So really, this was the biggest attack. Thanks for all your prayers for WE have won the victory – yet again!

Wow, did I taste God’s goodness after that - one after another! So today, I feel strong. I actually had symptoms of hair loss as well since early November 2009. That’s why I cut my hair just before the Singapore trip. But as of last week, I started shedding less hair. Praise the Lord!

I had a flash vision last week – just about a second and it wasn’t a dream. I saw myself jogging but knees up pretty high, with a big smile and I was bald! Argghhhh! I almost freaked out!

I sense the vision saying that I am FREE, health wise much stronger after the “attack” and even my hair will stop shedding. I claimed the vision in Jesus’ name and rejected any thoughts that I will go bald in Jesus’ name! I want to share with you that if you receive a bad vision you should ask God what is it (e.g. could be a recurring dream of an accident or an ominous feel that something bad will happen to someone). You would normally know what it means when you ask Him. If it is still bad then you should reject “the bad circumstance” in Jesus’ name so that even when it still comes true, the impact will be small compared to normal circumstances because you have acknowledged God and also mentally you are prepared for it because you have been warned.

So I’ve been observing the hair loss and true enough it has gotten lesser. Previously, even when I wake up in the morning, I will find hair on my pillow. Sigh. Or even in the living room, you will find lots of hair everyday as we sweep the floor. But no more! All I’ve done with all these trials was to say back to God His promises to me that “By your stripes, I am healed” (1 Peter 2 :24) because His word is true and His word that goes forth shall not return to Him void. I also rebuke all work of darkness working against me. I bind and break them in the name of Jesus!

Oh, there’s so much to tell you of God’s goodness after the “attack”…

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