Monday, March 1, 2010

Brave little "Boys Brigade" boy

Last Saturday, Nic collected his Boys Brigade uniform and he's very proud that he persevered since 2 January 2010 to earn this uniform.
He's a new boy these days, "switched on", "brains connected", more stable and definitely more responsible. Praise God for Boys Brigade and lessons from Vacation Bible School. Who would think it would make so much difference to a little boy's life. It's amazing how God's words washes his mind and strengthens his spirit and gives him wisdom. Praise God!
For the first time last Sunday, Nic happily went downstairs to fetch Ethan from Sunday School after it ended and we saw them both running into the sanctuary happily to greet us. Yesterday, as part of his dictation, Nic wrote 5 words in chinese (including "circular shape" and "home work") without hesitation and quite happily too. Praise God forever more!

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