Monday, March 22, 2010

Heritage Trail Melaka

Water chestnut or "Ma tai" drink by the road side

Cheng Hoon Teng Chinese Temple on Jalan Tokong

Limau Limau cafe on No. 9 Jalan Hang Lekiu opposite the Kampung Kling Mosque

Has lots of arty pictures, interesting books, chandeliers and healthy food. Also NO SMOKING!

This round, we made the kids go on a heritage trail from Puri Hotel on Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock to Jalan Kubu cutting into Jalan Tokong then into a small lane Jalan Hang Lekiu back onto Jonkers St, cutting into Jalan Hang Lekir and returning back to Puri Hotel. A nice and short walk for the kids. :) Henry commented that this trip was the same yet different. Same because we stayed in the same hotel but different because we took a different walk to see the nearby temple and mosque. I asked Nic what were his most memorable moments and they were mostly food related - water chestnut drink along Jln Tokong, lasagne from Limau Limau cafe, nasi lemak at Puri hotel and the soak in the bath tub. I think this trip was more exciting for Ethan since he enjoyed everything - even the wait at the air cond repair shop! Praise the Lord! :)

But if you do make a trip to Melaka you must drop by at Limau Limau cafe. It's a wonderful discovery. The restaurant is so small yet they still have an upper floor that overlooks the mosque's compound. It's quaint, really arty and smoke free although it's set up like a bar. They only have high stools to sit on which makes it more exciting for the kids. Plus, they offer healthy food! I had a roasted vegetarian sandwich and a carrot and celery juice with no sugar or water added. Henry and the kids had chicken lasagne and potato and leek soup. All very delicious. :)

Another interesting stop was the Geographer's Cafe on Jonkers St the night before. I hadn't realise before they had a policy of no msg, no artificial flavoring and they use sea salt. I had their vege sandwich and vege ramen.

All in all a great eating time for me as well which was not expected. All praises to God who provides for everything right down to meal times! :)

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