Monday, March 29, 2010

Update - All thanks to God and His guiding hand

Praise God! I was trying all sorts of home remedies like honey and lemon (a squeeze of lemon and a teaspoon of honey), gargling with seasalt water, gargling with listerine. I was trying not to consume the lozenges (sugar) but I did pop about 3 all in all to ease the pain. Thanks so much for your prayers. The good thing from this ordeal is that now I know how to make a pot of barley. Yup. After all these years, I finally took 2 simple ingredients, water and barley and simmered it before I drank it at night. Then, at bed time I realised I missed out an ingredient - pandan leaves! I should have used a crock pot as advised by my mum. Instead, I simmered it in the morning but had to switch it off to watch "Dragon" at the cinema and continued later in the early evening. The barley (or maybe the antibiotics or the honey and lemon or the salt water or the listerine) seemed to do the trick because that night, my throat did not hurt at all. Still, I choose to say - all thanks to God and His guiding hand!

Little Nic was sent home from school because he was vomiting. Oh no! What now? Praise God for efficient doctor who zoomed into the problem immediately. No fever, no flu, no redness in throat - not sure what else the doctor checked but he said Nic had stool in his intestine - constipation. So up went the enema. Poor Nic screamed dramatically but he felt better after he pooed. I want to thank Father God for his mighty hand upon Nic and for guiding the doctor to precisely the problem. All glory to God!

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