Monday, March 22, 2010

Graduation Night 18 March 2010

One of my classmates, Festus from Nigeria (a pastor for 6 years in his country before coming to Malaysia) - a walking bible. Most times, when a verse is read out loud, he would silently finish off the verse without looking at the bible. He scored a perfect 100 marks in DLS 1 in one of the exams! He still scored the highest in DLS 2 at 90 marks and I saw his answer sheet photostated and distributed in class!
Dinner at Bangsar Seafood Restaurant

Here it is! The certificate.

Collecting my certificate from Ps Vernon Falls. His wife Margareth is at the background.

I think the classes that blessed me the most is by Dr Lay Keu Neu on inner healing and also Ps Gerry's class on deliverance for that was when she spoke God's word and the pain on my left chest went off. It's like a yoke that just broke. Sometimes we are under bondages we don't even realise it. I mean sometimes other people can see them manifesting in us. They want to help us but they can't. If only they could attend these classes, I just know if they are sincere, the holy spirit will guide with scriptures to break the yoke of bondages. No psychiatrist needed. Just between you and God. No need for hypnosis therapy either! True, you don't need these classes if you were genuinely seeking God to deliver us. At the first night at hospital, God revealed that I used fear as an excuse not to serve Him and when my cousin spoke 2 Timothy 1:7 to me a few days later, it really broke the yoke that held me in bondage for so long. But it was Deeper Life Seminar 1 that continued to show me how to be in agreement with the bible and to believe God's words over my circumstances. To also speak God's words and declare God's words constantly till it hits my inner spirit. AND not to speak out words that are against God's words eg I used to say "Aiyo, but I am so shylah. I cannot do it" But the bible clearly says "God did not give us a spirit of fear but of love, power and sound mind". He also said "The righteous are as bold as a lion" and "I can do all things in Christ who strengthens me". In DLS, you can seek the pastors' help in finding you scriptures to confess it over your circumstances eg if you find you can't love your spouse, or your spouse is behaving badly or if you think your spouse is stupid etc. These are the works of the devil that wants to tear our family apart and cause our children to suffer consequently with more rejection in them which affects God's kingdom as a whole. If only we can see through the devil's scheme, we will rise up and use God's words and thrust it at the devil because they are all LIES!

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